2010 Canadian Quarter Horse Nationals

Well, we’re back after spending a week in Red Deer, AB, at the 2010 Canadian National Quarter Horse Show. It was a great time and the weather cooperated nicely. This is always one of our favorite shows. We get the chance to catch up with old friends and run for National titles. And my camera loves this event, especially since it showcases horses with beauty beyond compare…

Credit: Ingrid Schulz

This annual show features horses from all over Canada and the U.S. in varying disciplines. That’s a lot of shine spray, banding elastics and early mornings to get everybody properly groomed.

Credit: Ingrid Schulz

And let’s not forget about all the fabulous show outfits there are to ogle over…

Plus I love the fact that we get the chance to take in some of the other disciplines, outside of our regular circles.

Nationals gives me the opportunity to truly appreciate the work that goes into the making of a western pleasure, western riding, trail or English mount.

Credit: Ingrid Schulz

Ahh, back in “the day” I actually used to ride English myself a little… Still have my old saddle, even. Yep, it’s got a brass plate on the cantle with my maiden name on it! These days however, I get my English fix at this week-long show.

Credit: Ingrid Schulz

And my palomino reiner gets the chance to see a few different visuals in the warm-up ring. Depending on the day, there might be carts, halter horses or weanlings to navigate around. It gets a little exciting.

Credit: Ingrid Schulz

I only wish my mare would take in a few pointers from the perfectly manicured halter and showmanship horses… Like how to remain clean, overnight in her stall. And how to stand still for pictures.

This little darling has the technique down pat.

There are all kinds of friendly faces to be found in Red Deer.

Like this girl. The one who was offering kittens for sale to benefit the Alberta Youth Quarter Horse Association. Argh… With a face like this and an adorable ball of fluff in her hands, who doesn’t think they need another cat? C’mon, you need another one! Everybody needs 7 barn cats…

Credit: Ingrid Schulz

If you were at Nationals, I hope you had a great show! And if you found yourself at the other end of my camera lens, thanks for being such great sports for My Stable Life!

Credit: Ingrid Schulz

It looked like these girls were enjoying themselves and their horses as they prepared for their time in the pen.

And this barn, who celebrated a birthday for a compadre and shared in the chores to get things done.

See ya next year! And, in the meantime watch for coverage of the Canadian Quarter Horse Nationals in the mid-November Champions Edition of Western Horse Review magazine.

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