Protecting Horses in Smoke-Filled Air

No filter. Smoke in the air lingers above a pasture. CREDIT: Jenn Webster

Though we may located be far away from the forest fire threats, the smoke here in Alberta is unbearable today. And there’s not much that can be done about it. I can’t even bring myself to send my kids outdoors on what should have been another beautiful summer day. So what can we do for the animals who must live outside in the current poor air quality conditions?

– Limit your horses’ activity outside when smoke is visible.
– Ensure your animals have plenty of fresh water.
– Monitor animals for coughing or an increased respiratory rate.
– If any horse is having trouble breathing, contact your vet immediately.

Smoke can cause respiratory issues in horses, just as it does in humans.  Take care out there.


  1. We habe neighbors that cut 4 acres of grass, rake the clippings, put them in a big pile and burn the pile the next day. The clippings don’t burn just smolder. They were offered a place to dump the clippings but refused. One of the horses has asthma and the smoke causes respiratory problems. One solution was to board the horse for the six months of grass cutting. These prople are ignorant and inconsiderate.

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