Winter Storm 2013

Confession. I should be working. On other things – editing, writing, books, figures. A million other little details that circulate in a day in the life of a magazine editor. The thing is, it’s one of those rare, lovely occasions when we’re snowed in. Wee officially has a Snow Day from her country school, and even if we could dig out the skid steer from it’s drifted in home, there’s no particular desire to do so. We have everything we need. Except we ran out of chocolate. Last night. That was bad planning.

So, we’ve been meandering around the yard, making sure the animals are comfortable and well fed, and standing in wonder and awe of Mother Nature and the canvas of drifts she’s created – many well over our heads. With only one working lens for my DSLR, the “shoot” was a bit limiting, still, it’s quite impossible to miss the capturing the beauty of cold winter’s day on the prairies.


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  1. Dee Thompson says

    Absolutely breathtaking!!! Thanks for sharing all God’s beauty.

  2. Great photos!

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