Welcome to our new blog section!

By now you will have noticed Western Horse Review has gathered a sagacious and versatile group of bloggers for your daily reading and viewing pleasure, and I have to say, I’m happy to be a part of it.

For those of you who read the magazine, you’ve probably already seen the call for foal photos in the April issue. Photos and contests definitely encompass two of my favorite components of the new www.westernhorsereview.com and I’ll be running many of them straight through this blog, so check in often. In fact, watch for my inaugural “Brand It” contest early next week, when we’ll be giving away three fabulous pairs of Cruel Girl jeans. As well, I’ll be posting highlights of the ongoing Best Babies Photo Contest tomorrow.

A few more things you can expect on this growing site: in addition to an ever-expanding list of current events (please feel free to contribute), there are a couple of coming-soon’s: such as a live feed and video section (we’ll be kicking this off with a live feed from the Canadian Cutting Horse Association Finals in Olds, Alberta. Watch for it beginning April 9), a list of sites we find useful and book and video reviews of the latest in all western riding genres.

I’ll post as often as I can. My life as a mother of two daughters who ride and compete, Western Horse Review editor, amateur competitor, acreage dweller and keeper of a menagerie of horses is sure to keep the posts popping. I’m also looking forward to having a number of guest bloggers who will post opinions, stories, news and even how-to pieces. Please feel free to work this blog with me. If you have anything western lifestyle related, photos of your latest horse show or event, announcements, blog discussion topics to suggest – seriously, almost anything goes – even, yes, recipes! Even, poetry! (keeping it clean and courteous, of course)

Don’t hesitate to e-mail me at ingrids@efirehose.net and I’ll get it on the blog.

As you may have already read in the magazine, we’re aiming high with this new site and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Adventures of a tomboy cowgirl


Hola. I’m Jenn Webster, creator of My Stable Life. Glad you stopped by!

A little about myself: I just turned 30. I don’t have any children (yet), other than the 4-legged variety. I’m a terrible cook. (Just ask my husband about a certain, infamous stew). And I’m not very skilled at keeping a house either. But I can operate a front-end loader, a MacBook, an ipod and a reiner. Sometimes, simultaneously.

I am a self-proclaimed “tomboy,” although I have been told my definition of the word is perhaps, somewhat skewed. The way I look at it is this: I love to run around without make-up and I can’t spend more than an hour or two a year in a dress. And my parents once gave me a gift certificate to a posh shoe store with a card that read, “Buy yourself something other than cowboy boots!”

Plus four years ago, one of my best friends gave me a pretty little change purse as a gift. After I said, “Thanks. It’s cute!” She had to explain to me the significance of the COACH logo it bore all over its sides. Since them, I’ve become a little more aware of Prada and Gucci and Louis Vuitton. While I admire their designs, I recognize that the cost of one of those purses could almost mean a new saddle. Or a month’s supply of hay. And after losing 3 diamonds out of my wedding rings in the riding arena, you probably won’t catch this girl sporting much for ice. Ever.

Boots & spurs: part of our every day work attire.

What you also have to understand about me that I come from a large extended yet immediate, family. I have 2 mothers and 2 fathers 2 brothers and 1 sister. I love them all. Of that immediate family, 1 of those members is an engineer, 1 runs her own consulting business, 1 is a scientist and 1 is a doctor. My family was understandably concerned when I told them I was going to make a career out of horses.

I am a born and raised Albertan – now living in Saskatchewan. In December, 2008, my husband, Clay (a professional reining and working cow horse trainer) and I, decided to partner up with J.Drummond Farms in Regina.

This is Clay. Spraying dust all over me…

This is our home in Regina. J. Drummond Farms in Regina, SK.

Surrounded by lush (flat) farmland and a large herd of Quarter Horses, I am certain we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. My days consist of the riding and husbandry of our now, +45-head herd: everything from managing the vaccine and deworming schedule, to halter breaking babies, to seeding pasture, to overseeing our breeding goals, to maintaining the paperwork that goes along with 45 horses. Clay and I travel a lot, hitting national and international reining and working cow horse shows. Within these travels, I am very fortunate to be able to meet some great professionals of the industry and have candid conversations about everything from breeding, to market trends, to training techniques and horse care programs. And throughout it all I’m honing my non-pro skills: yes, apparently more honing needs to be done.

Sometimes, I need a Red Bull (often a good chaser for my morning coffee), to get through the day. Other cons include those days when it’s difficult to work alongside your spouse. And moving from Horse Central Alberta, to the quieter horse industry in Regina, Saskatchewan, has also presented many challenges. Thankfully, we have met some great people and have some great supporting staff in our ranks. Danielle LaForge, Clay’s assistant trainer has been my life-saver on many occasions.

No, I'm not the green-thumb behind these flowers. But I am responsible for the health of our herd and specifically, mares and foals.

I hope you enjoy, My Stable Life. On this blog I’ll share my insight of the showing environment, talk about health issues we encounter in our horses and how we deal with them, provide barn tips and share with you the drama of our daily adventures.

See ya in the stable!

– Jenn

New Equine Expo launches in June

With Ontario home to an estimated 350,000 horses and almost 80,000 horse owners, it makes sense that there should be a place to gather and share the newest innovations in horse management. So, on June 4 to 7, 2010, a new tradeshow called Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo is poised to bring all breeds and disciplines together in the middle of this immense horse hub.

Hosted by Canada’s Outdoor Shows Ltd. in partnership with the University of Guelph’s Arkell Research Station and Equine Guelph, Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo will offer attendees indoor and outdoor trade show exhibits, interactive displays, expert speakers, professional networking, youth education and much more. This outdoor demonstration-oriented equine event will provide horse owners, riders and businesses with access to key resources in a one-stop buying environment.

“The equine industry in Ontario is very significant but the number of educational opportunities does not reflect the economic impact the industry brings to the province,” says Canada’s Outdoor Shows President, Lorie Jocius. “Visitors to Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo will experience first-hand equine research translated into practical applications through hands-on demonstrations, clinics and exhibits.”Part of the greater Canada’s Outdoor Shows family, Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo will join the ranks with the nation’s largest agricultural trade show – Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show – held each September in Woodstock, Ontario showcasing 700 exhibitors and drawing almost 44,000 attendees. Heading into its 17th year this September, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show has become a world-class agricultural event with a focus on showcasing new technologies and innovative research through live demonstrations. Using this same philosophy, Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo plans to address the needs of today’s equine industry on a business-to-business basis.

Over four days, attendees can browse indoor and outdoor exhibits, learn from interactive clinics hosted by top-tier experts and watch young horse lovers enjoy Equine Guelph’s interactive EquiMania! education area. Monday will be designated as “Race Day” with a heavy concentration of racing-specific professional programming and clinics with emphasis on thoroughbreds, standardbreds and quarter horses.

“The University of Guelph is a leader in equine programs, both research and education,” says Gayle Ecker, Director of Equine Guelph, the outreach arm of the University of Guelph. “This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate how the latest equine research can benefit the horse owner – from the trainer of the fastest racehorse horse to the newest Pony Club member.”

Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo will be held at the Arkell Research Station, part of the University of Guelph’s vast network of research facilities across Ontario. “It makes sense to locate this show at Arkell in close proximity to the equine owners, researchers, veterinarians, trainers and coaches in the area,” added Lorie Jocius. “These are all very busy professionals. In order to best serve this group, we want to be in their backyard.”

Committed to offering a well-rounded and inclusive event, Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo will target elite professionals all the way to young riders. This premier equine experience will cap celebrations during Horse Week when it opens the gates June 4 to 7 for all breeds and all disciplines to access the experts and businesses that can help them remain on the leading edge of their industry.

For more information, visit www.EquineExpo.ca or call Canada’s Outdoor Shows at 1-800-563-5441.  Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo will be held June 4 to 7, 2010 at the Arkell Research Station near Guelph, Ontario.

First Canadian penning series a wrap

Pat Bolin guarding the wing as Jen Robson rides up on their cows to push them in 1,2,3.

This was definitely a show that needed to be held at a facility which could accommodate. The Cam Clark Ford and Cam Clark Trailers sponsored show attracted a swarm of penners eager to get back at it. Held in Olds at the Cow Palace on February 27th and 28th having 398 team entries per day with each day having its own payout. The added $12,000 was split equally between the two days giving the penners a greater chance at earning a pay cheque, making this show a great way to kick off the 2010 season.

Enjoy these shots from the show, taken by Western Horse Review columnist Darla Rathwell and read her full story in the April issue.

With Pat Bolin on the wing, Brian Dick funnels in from the hole assisting as Joel Lesh pushes their final cow into the pen.

Leaping into action Junior Youth Mandy Schalk, bound and determined to bring 'em in!


Placing /Riders/ Aggregate Time/Payout

Open Class

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Harold Bayes, Cory Conan, Ervie Miller/72/$2997.40

2) Carther Rice, Corrine Smith, Caroline Armstrong/73.35/$2141.00

3)  Ron Scott, Bryan Thompson, Hugh McPherson/78.62/$1712.80

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Burl Aycock, Jens Greimeier, Dean Palin/61.67/ $2967.30

2) Wade Adams, Jody Elliot, Crissy Santangelo/62.61/$2119.50

3) Jody Steenbergen, Lydia Webster, Steve Webster/67.48/$1695.60

10 Class

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Heather Bowing, Brady Jensen, Lydia Webster/59.88/$3829.35

2) Ken Crawford, Val Crawford, Ervie Miller/67.77/$2735.25

3) Don Badry, Bev Miller, Jody Steenbergen/68.53/$2188.20

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Wendy Wenaas, Suzie Emms, Bruce Stewart/62.43/$3817.80

2) Cam Clark, Wendell Schumacher, Philip Van Der Poel/69.34/$2727.00

3) Burl Aycock, Cam Clark, Bob Sinclair/69.83/$2181.60

7 Class

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Hugh McPherson, Charlene Smith, Ken Prochera/73.31/$2339.40

2) Cavan McMullan, Bruce Stewart, Tracey Connatty/75.14/$1671.00

3) Ken Pochera, Bev Mailer, Becky Nickerson/79.80/$1336.80

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Cam Evans, Dale Glover, Tina Santangelo/81.50/$2258.20

2) Yvonne Harris, Brandee Kromm, Jim Hudecek/89.60/$1613.00

3) Barry Lanz, Susan Kluzak, Madison Lanz/90.08/$1,290.40

5 Class

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Beau Riedel, Jody Riedel, Paul Roy/57.28/$642.00

2) Cliff Denham, Rob Schalk, Tracey Connatty/86.16/$481.50

3) Donna Hillard, Kent Hillard, E v Prestie/93.39/$321.00

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Don Badry, Charlene Smith, Mikayla Ruissen/102.2/$610.80

2) Darien Caks, Kathy McSween, Jody Riedel/106.83/$458.10

3) Lorne Reagan, Mikayla Ruissen, Dave Sather/112.9/$305.40

Junior Youth

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1) Josie Abraham, Charlene Bayes, Adult Rider/99.78/$45.00

2) Charlene Bayes, Justine Elliott, Adult Rider/99.92/$30.00

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

1) Josie Abraham, Justine Elliott, Adult Rider/92.27/$45.00

2) Shaelynn Enders, Charlene Bayes, Adult Rider/143.24/$30.00

Senior Youth

Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

1)Hope Poole, Skylar Hansen, Philip Van Der Poel /91.98/$245.00

Sun. Feb. 28, 2010

) Philip Van Der Poel, Mikayla Ruissen, Hope Enders /96.27/$245.00

Speeding in Thomas Thorlakson and team mate JT Bell sort out their trash, so they have no dirty clean up later down at the pen.

– Photos & Copy by Darla Rathwell

Thanks to Chinook Assoc. show Secretary Carlene Giesler for providing results.