1. ‘Cowboy Up’ at the Annual PONOKA Stampede and experience some very entertaining raw rodeo action or the thrill of the amazing Chuckwagon Races. With seven wild days of professional cowboys and cowgirls at their best, the Ponoka Stampede has grown into a world class event.

  2. Go Nanton Go!

  3. Ponoka. Yay.

  4. Raymond !!!

  5. Dar Boron says

    Nanton AB For sure!

  6. Tennessa Meredith says

    Go ponoka go wooohooooo
    We dont have the ponoka stampede just to be there. Ha this year i have found like five people there from california. That says something about ponoka

  7. Ponoka!!! Not only has the Annual Ponoka Stampede but also Home to the Canadian Rodeo Hall of Fame in the Calnash Trucking Ag Events Centre.

  8. Go raymond

  9. Raymond
    Medicine Hat

  10. Med Hat

  11. PONOKA!!! BY FAR

  12. Teepee creek!!!!! They have the best redneck rodeo out there!!

  13. Raymond!

  14. Ponoka

  15. Ponoka… Hands down!!

  16. Ponoka for sure

  17. Kristofer Malterer says

    Ponoka is the rodeo capital of canada. Just look at the stampede and vjv action market.

  18. Maple Creek

  19. Ponoka

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