6 weeks \’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

I haven\’t always been a fan of cowhide, perhaps because I haven\’t had the vision for it into the decor of the log house. Cowhide placemats and runners have just never really taken my fancy. Pinterest has changed all of that and really popped open my eyes to the endless possibilities of cowhide. I\’ve grown to love the idea of it so much, I\’m venturing a guess that one or two of the people on my Christmas list will be receiving it in one form or another.

If you\’re looking for a lifetime gift for the people who share your home, or a unique western-styled option for the urbanites in your life, here\’s a selection of uses of cowhide to inspire.

\"\"Cowhide is a thought of as a traditional western accent, but with it\’s organic elements of hide, hair and colour, it transfers easily into modern spaces.

\"\"Decorators know a cool thing when they see it, but I hadn\’t ever thought of putting a cow hide in the bathroom. Is it even practical? Will it stand up to the inevitable water splashes?

\"\"Ever more daring, how about a bathtub encased in cowhide? So much warmth in the combination of wood grain, browns and hide.

\"\"Cowhide on white plank floor is a favourite for me, especially pulling together this minimal look. . .

\"\". . .  or adding warmth and style to an office.

\"\"Boho chic gets a boost of Wild west with a cowhide.

\"\"No need to go for the whole rug, opt instead for a piece of furniture, like this award-winning coffee-table design.

\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"Cool and chic chairs and ottoman. . .


\"\"\"\". . . or these full loungers, really spectacular pieces.

\"\"Why not just drape your entire staircase in chocolate brown sensory overload? This one captures my vote.

\"\"\"\"\"\"There\’s also a plethora of smaller decor items in cowhide such as mirror frames, lampshades and pillows.


These carry-ons are neat statements of your love of the West. And wine :).


And finally, what speaks of your love of the West more than a stocking crafted of cowhide.

Turns out the Wild West is alive and well in places modern, not  traditional western homes. If I\’ve tweaked the idea of adding cowhide (or more cowhide!) to your decor, you can find much more of it at our Make Mine Cowhide Pinterest board, where we\’ve amassed a small collection of all things cowhide. (You\’ll also find the links for the sources for the photos I\’ve employed here.)


For the love of all things cowhide, we\’re giving away this gorgeous cowhide belt by our friend and artisan, Paige Albrecht. All you have to do to be entered in the draw is comment below on what your favourite application of cowhide, as depicted in the pictures above, is, or just choose one of your own.

I nearly forgot to mention, to receive a double entry into the contest, just head over to the Western Horse Review Facebook Page, and enter there as well. Happy Friday!


16 thoughts on “6 weeks \’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas”

  1. Judy Greenall

    I would love one of the cowhide rigs for Xmas! It would look great with the picture of the Magnificent Seven we hauled home from Australia!

  2. I am in love with cowhide!! This year the cowhide piece I’d like to add to my home is a chair.

  3. The combination of pillows and rugs!! The staircase is amazing too 🙂 the possibilities seem endless!

  4. The staircase is magnificent! What a creative way to use hide. We have cowhide rugs and they wear and handle family and pet traffic really well-get one!

  5. I too have never been a super fan of cowhide however the black and white hide on the freestanding bath tub is OUTSTANDING! The runner down the stairs is also unique and very stylish. I own and show paint horses so not sure if I could put large pieces of cowhide in my home people might wonder if my horses were missing some hide LOL!

  6. I would love to be able to hand over one of these chairs to my best friend for christmas, newly single, just bought a new house, I think that calls for a great gift 🙂 However if I could have the entire house that contains that beautiful bathroom with the cowhide tube I’d gladly keep it for myself!

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