April 2013

Western Horse Review March 2013

On the cover:
Alyssa Mackay takes a cow down the fence at the Clareshom Agriplex. Photo by Natalie Jackman, have-dog.com

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The Best Through the Lens

A collection of some of the best shots from the arenas of 2012.

75 Notes

We attended and curated for you, the best quotes and quips from the 2013 Horse Owners and Breeders Conference in Red Deer, Alberta.

Healthy Additions

A collection of supplements and feed that could change your horse’s performance and well being.



A leading lady in the Canadian horse world leaves an epic void after her sudden passing.


The National Reining Breeders Classic, known as the NRBC, gets set to take place at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas.

Food of the West

A visually stunning and beautifully flavourful salad, sure to impress your springtime guests.


Jill Van Maarion explains how important it is to get to know your photographer before your wedding day.

Real Lives of Trainer’s Wives

A passionate cutting horse enthusiast marries family, work and hobby.


Product Showdown

Slow feeders are the craze these days, check out some of the best on the market.

Bit of the Month

Josh Nichols presents a traditional piece of cowboy equipment.

Get The Look

Learn how to put together your own ‘rock & roll’ cowgirl look.



Neonatal isoerythrolysis is a silent stalker of foals and is caused by an incompatibility of blood types between a mare and her newborn. Find out if your horses are at risk.

Health Updates

Genome sequencing and ‘frog juice’ – what do these terms mean to you?

Med of the Month

Domperidone – help for agalactic mares.

How To

Why examining your foal’s placenta is so imperative.

Alternative Therapies

An energy based therapy that can have significant results for you and your horse.


The common injection, examined and explained.


Ten Things You Didn’t Know…

Reining 101; The horses, the patterns, the history – why this sport garners the attention of the world stage.

Futurity Road

The futurity horses in Dale Clearwater’s barn get a solid start.

Rising Star

A veterinarian finds the secrets to her resounding success on a special bay mare.


Arabians lead this lady to a swarm of championships through to the 2013 season.

Private Lesson

Pat Ross emphasizes the importance of well-schooled hands on any horse.

How To

Clay Webster imparts advice for tacking up with a back cinch.