Back On Saskatchewan Soil

Sadly, the last day of our trip home from Arizona was rather uneventful. No steep grades nor broken noses. But if you’ve been following along (April 26-27 posts), you already know that enough excitement took place on Day 2 of our trip to headline a bad reality show…

Our day started in Billings, Montana. We had overnighted at Box T Ranch and hit the road at 7 am, as the drive to the North Portal border crossing would take approximately 7 hours.

Clay on top of the rig throwing hay down for the horses’ lunch. In an effort to avoid pieces of alfalfa down my shirt, I ran for my camera instead...

Since Clay and I were importing two new horses – one who had been in Texas within the last 15 days – we were required to make an appointment with the federal vet at North Portal.

The vet office is only open until 5 pm, so it was important that we were there on time for our appointment. Otherwise, we could have been stuck at the border until the federal veterinarian could see us. In the end, Clay and I were 15 minutes late for our scheduled time but thankfully, the good vet at North Portal had the patience to wait.

We went through Customs in smooth fashion, largely in part to the fact that we had all of our paperwork in order prior to hitting North Portal. Applying for a permit to import the horse who had been in Texas was a bit of a process – and we had to cross with the original permit in our possession – but the days of work to get organized prior to our departure paid off in the long run.

Because no one likes to sit at the border for hours on end, with horses on board.

So prior to arriving at North Portal, Clay and I were having a “debate” on whether or not I was a good passenger. Meaning that since I can’t take the wheel of mini-freight, it is my job to engage Clay in conversation and make sure he stays alert while driving.

I didn’t realize my husband was also a paparazzi…

Honestly, under normal circumstances, there’s no way I would ever post such a picture of myself on the internet. But I thought this was pretty funny too. I’m not a good passenger. I admit. Moving vehicles put me to sleep.

By approximately 6 pm Saskatchewan time, Clay and I were pulling into the yard of our home, J. Drummond Farms just south of Regina, SK.

Danielle and Wade, through through the passenger window.

Clay’s assistant, Danielle and her husband, Wade were there to meet us.

And as soon as the horses on the trailer were offloaded and everything unpacked, we ran around to get a quick update on the horses that were left behind for the winter.

I ran straight for the baby pasture.

Here’s “Roo” and I – our 2010 colt by Roosters Wrangler.

We are happy to be back!!