Chinook Penning

Silver Slate Arena, owned by the Santangelo family, hosted their first Chinook Penning on July 24 & 25 at their impressive new facility near Stavely.

Beautiful Diamond wool saddle pads were awarded to the Hi-Point Teams in each of the Open, #10, #7, and #5 classes.  Hi-Point Junior and Senior Youth Riders received headstalls that they will be proud to display.

Photographer: Lillian Dalton

Winners of the Mill Store Open Class from left to right: Hugh McPherson, Cory Bond, and Ron Scott.

Ron Scott had an amazing weekend of success, winning a Hi-Point award in both the Open Class with Cory Bond and Hugh McPherson, as well as the #10 Class with Sheila Betsworth and Barrie Price.  Butch MacPherson, Yvonne Harris and Pernell Relitz were the toughest team in the #7 Class and Denise Peter, Ev Prestie and Yvonne Harris (again!) were the Hi-Point team in the #5 Class.

Winners of the #10 Class, sponsored by Canmark Contracting, from left to right: Barrie Price, Sheila Betsworth and Ron Scott. Photographer: Lillian Dalton.

Winners of the #7 Class sponsored by Rolling Mix Concrete, from left to right: Carther Rice, Sandra Mason and Clayton Mason. Photographer: Lillian Dalton.

Winners in the Jr. Youth Class, sponsored by Shay's Feed and Tack, from left to right: Mandy Schalk, Crissy Santangelo and Sonja DiStefano. Photographer: Lillian Dalton.

From left to right: Tony DiStefano, Crissy Santangelo, Wim van der Poel. Photographer: Lillian Dalton

Next stop…Regional Finals in Claresholm September 11-12, with $31,000 in added money! Look for these results and more up-to-date information on