Chinook Team Penning Update


Chinook Team Penning
Open Hi-Point team – Bryan, Debbie and Chris Thompson.

The Chinook Team Penning Association’s Silver Slate Series finals, were held July 28 and 29, in Nanton, AB. Penning in a large arena is always more challenging, and it often takes a little different strategy and lots of horse-power, to be the victorious teams sporting the gorgeous buckles at the end of the fourth show. This year, the most consistent teams were:

Open – Debbie, Bryan and Chris Thompson

#10 – Kirk Cottrell, Don Poole, Hope Poole

#7 – Mason Cockx, Dale Glover, Shane Hamilton

#5 – Marcie Hamilton, Ken Royko, Mandy Royko

Chinook Team Penning
#7 Hi-Point Team – Mason Cockx, Dale Glover and Shane Hamilton.
Chinook Team Penning
#5 Hi-Point Team – Marcie Hamilton, Ken Royko and Mandy Royko

The Senior Youth class provided some extra excitement with the necessity of a ride-off between Hope Poole, Clayton Mason and Shane Hamilton.  Jordan Lesh did the honours of “second” for each rider and, when the dust settled, Clayton Mason was victorious with a blistering run under 11 seconds!  Sonya DiStefano was the Junior Youth Champion.

Visit  www.chinookpenning.com for a list of all those riders lucky enough to go home with a cheque in their pockets.