Chinook Team Penning Year End Awards


Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. #5 Class Rider – Dale Glover (Donna O’Reilly presenting)

Chemistry … if you are lucky enough to have it with your horse and penning partners and combine it with practice and a year-long commitment, it can result in great rewards. Those rewards become reality at the Chinook Penning Banquet held annually, in conjunction with the Regional Finals Show at the Claresholm Agriplex.  Prizes are awarded to 5th place, with the coveted Hi-Point “Becker Buckles” going to the 1st place team in the Open, #10, #7 and #5 Classes.  Hi-Point Riders in those same classes received custom bits from Western Specialties and Reserve riders will be proudly wearing their new jackets. Hi-Point Youth riders also received a custom Becker Buckle. A detailed listing of all the prize winners and pictures from this year’s banquet are available at

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. #7 Class Rider – J.R. Johnstone (Sonya DiStefano presenting)

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. #10 Class Rider – Barb Doran (Rick Bond presenting)

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. Open Class Rider – Chris Thompson (Jaycee Spangler presenting)

The Mill Store Open Class –   Chris, Debbie & Bryan Thompson
Hi-Pt. Open Rider – Chris Thompson       Reserve – Bryan Thompson

Pajak Engineering Ltd. Open  – Bob Bolin, Wendy Wenaas, Carther Rice

Canmark Roofing #10 Class – Barb Doran, Devin  Antony, Hope Poole
Hi-Pt. #10 Rider – Barb Doran      Reserve – Devin Antony

Rolling Mix Concrete #7 Class – Doug Ohlmann, Holly Farkes, Cam Evans
Hi-Poin t#7 Rider – J. R. Johnstone       Reserve – Ray Antony

O’Reilly O’Rena #5 Class – Dale Glover, Clay Glover, Andy Chen
Hi-Point #5 Rider – Dale Glover        Reserve – Carrie Patton

Youth Winners:

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. Junior Youth – Sonya DiStefano (Samantha & Marcie Hamilton presenting)

Chinook Team Penning

Hi-Pt. Senior Youth – Hope Poole (Samantha & Marcie Hamilton presenting)

Hamilton International Consulting Youth Classes
Senior – Hope Poole       Reserve – Shane Hamilton
Junior – Sonya DiStefano     Reserve  – Haydn Ohlmann