Recipe to Win


Chinook Team Penning Tammy Evans

Sponsor Tony DiStefano of Rolling Mix Concrete, presenting the award saddle to the # 7 Class High Point winner Tammy Evans.

Recipe for Bob’s Custom “Chinook Penner” High Point Saddle

One large dose each of – enthusiasm, teamwork, commitment
Add several – very generous Sponsors
Hope for – cooperative cows
Send thanks for – a pinch of luck

Combine all of the above and, at the Annual Year-End Awards Banquet, any Chinook Member has an opportunity to take home the finished product!

Of course, every prize winner knows they weren’t earned unaided and their thanks go to all their partners – four-legged and two-legged!

Look for photos of all the saddle winners in the Winter Digital of Western Horse Review to be released Nov. 25. Sign up to our e-newsletter on the Home Page to be sure you receive your copy!


  1. Lynne Cammack says

    So proud of you cuz love ya so much…you show em girl.

  2. Joyce Crozier says

    Congratulations Tammy…Great job well done….I am so happy for you sweety …Love Aunt Joyce…xoxoxo

  3. im so proud of you girl go get them your the best love ya great job