NRCHA Approves Non-Pro Two Rein for 2011

Photo by Deanna Buschert

During the National Reined Cow Horse Association Board of Directors meeting held June 13, in Paso Robles, California, it was decided that the Non-Pro Two Rein will be re-established as a fully-approved class in 2011. Participants in the Non-Pro Two Rein will compete for World Championship qualifications, and participants would be eligible for World, National and Regional awards.

NRCHA Non-Pro Committee Chairman Paul Bailey explained, “The Two Rein phase of cow horse training is an integral part of the NRCHA’s history. It was brought to the Non-Pro Committee’s attention that this was an important class that Non-Pros needed.”

He continued, “Based on the Committee’s recommendation, the NRCHA Board of Directors decided to re-instate this class, and it will be an approved class next year.”

NRCHA President Kathy Gould noted, “Non-Pro Committee Chairman Paul Bailey and the Non-Pro Committee worked diligently on this issue. They found it was a change that the Non-Pros felt strongly about, so we look forward to great participation in the Non-Pro Two Rein next year.”