Saskatchewan Paint Horse Club Newsletter


Happy New Year! I want to take this first newsletter to share an article I have submitted to the American Paint Horse Journal about the SPHC, its members and its shows. Who knows if it will be published, but I am proud of the SPHC and all it has accomplished and wanted to let others in on what may be one of the best kept secrets in PAINT.

Saskatchewan Paint Horse Club

Saskatchewan is a small province in Western Canada with a total population of just over 1 million people. APHA’s most recent statistics have indicated about 435 APHA members live in Saskatchewan. Despite our small numbers, the Saskatchewan Paint Horse Club (SPHC) is thriving. Led by President, Nicole Gauthier, who fits, trains and shows horses out of her facility at Duck Lake, SK, and assisted by Vice-President Tammie Cooper (who leads the charge with youth activities at each show) and Secretary/Treasurer Wendy Davis (who keeps us all in line and acts as the Show Secretary too, all with an admirable calm and cool smile). The additional directors help out in various ways and are:  Trena and Lionel Badinski, Henry Gauthier, Tracy Robinson, Gwen Wilson, Karen Kotylak and Ronni Nordal.  (note new directors will be elected at the SPHC AGM on January 15, 2011)

The SPHC hosts two shows each year, the first in Lloydminster, SK on the May long weekend and the second in Saskatoon (Sept 10/11, 2011). Our shows have had a huge youth turnout – with 3 and 4 point classes being common. As a Board, we think we are attracting youth and new exhibitors because of our commitment to have a well run show, while ensuring that everyone has a bit of fun.

Not only do SPHC shows welcome youth exhibitors, we are making a conscious effort to encourage Novice Amateur, Amateur and Solid Paint Bred exhibitors to come out. While the Board recognizes that showing horses is competitive, we strive to make sure that new comers (or ‘nervous novice’) have a chance to take a deep breath and get hooked on showing like the rest of us. The best thing about the SPHC shows is the support and camaraderie of the exhibitors. It really is like one big family, made up of people spread across Western Canada and the bordering states.

The SPHC also recognizes the time, effort and expense of raising, training and showing horses. Therefore, each fall we present a number of futurities which, for the last number of years have each had $500.00 added money. In addition, in 2010 we offered a $1000 exhibitor draw with Lynsay Atchison winning (who had brought her 2 SPB mares from Alberta). Not a bad deal when you can go home from a horse with some extra cash in your pockets.

SO – for 2011 I invite our regular exhibitors and new exhibitors to come out and join the fun.

These pictures were taken at the Fall Harvest of Colors in Saskatoon by Ottenbreit Photography, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan.