10 Year Anniversary of The Mane Event

K & K Livestock Booth

K & K Livestock Booth at The Mane Event, Red Deer.


Western Horse Review attended the 10th anniversary of Mane Event Expo at Westerner Park from April 21-24, 2016. The Mane Event had speakers and clinicians from multiple disciplines, from dressage to trick riding to reining, all different breeds and don’t forget the very popular trainers challenge. The trade show had a little something for everyone, from booths with cute little nick-knacks, to tack of all disciplines, ponies to pet and even some of the trailers we dream of owning were there.


Gyspy Vanner

Gyspy Vanner horse being petted by a happy little girl.



JT Heritage Sales and Services Trailer Booth

JT Heritage Sales and Services Trailer Booth.


On Sunday afternoon of Mane Event we had an awesome visit from the Calgary Stampede Royalty, who help draw names for our daily give-away of the day. They also stuck around to help give out little Western Horse Review goodie bags and had pictures taken with little kids who dreamed of meeting a queen and princesses.


Calgary Stampede Royalty draws a name for out Country Thunder Prize

Calgary Stampede Royalty draws a name for our Country Thunder prize.


Later that day we stumble upon one of Pat Parelli clinics with two girls between the ages of 12-15, where he taught them the natural approach to horsemanship. He teaches them how to control their horse with body movements and motions. He teaches these through 7 games: friendly, porcupine, driving, yo-yo, circling, sideways and squeeze. He introduces the ball to show the horse that the tools he uses aren’t a threat and to get them use to the motion of objects.


Pat Parelli, with demonstration of circling in the background

Pat Parelli, with demonstration of circling in the background.



Parelli teaching the game of friendly, teaching the horse that the tools are not a threat

Parelli teaching the game of friendly, showing the horse that the tools are not a threat.


After Parelli’s clinic, the final of the trainers challenge was about to commence. Over the past four days, four trainers – Doug Mills, Patrick King, Scott Purdum, and Steve Rother put their skills to the test to show their method of training the unbroke horse. The trainer’s progression is not normally this fast, they usually take 30-60 days to do what they are demonstrate in 4 days. After the final session, Steve Rother was announced the winner of the Trainers Challenge.


Doug Mills demonstrating his training

Doug Mills demonstrating his training.


The closing of the well attended Mane Event followed shortly after the Trainers Challenge. The next Mane Event is being held in Chilliwack, British Columbia from October 21-23, 2016


  1. Leanne White says

    Steve Rother won the mane event. Why is there not more about him. Doug Mills didn’t even complete the compulsory items in the final. Why is there a picture of him? I think that it is disgusting that they announced the winner as Doug Mills and then found a computer glitch????? It was obvious to everyone there that Steve had won. Why is there not a big announcement about him? You need to correct this. People are losing trust with the judging. Just because the judge is buddy buddy with someone doesn’t mean that that person should be announced as the winner. Really!!! Maybe they need different judges – someone with integrity. It was very annoying to leave feeling like this was a “fixed” event. Not enough has been said about the actual winner.
    Maybe they need to post the judges scores after each session, then people could see what the judging is all about. As you can tell, I was very upset with the result and then the lack of acknowledgement to the correct winner. I spent all 4 days watching the trainers challenge and actually saw what was going on.

  2. Simone Kutos says

    But wait…..Doug was awarded the trophy in the finale in front of the media and thousands of spectators…so he must have won. Right? SO WRONG! The scores were incorrectly calculated due to a “computer glitch” and Doug received the fame and glory for supposedly winning the event. We’re told that the scoring error was discovered only after the awards ceremony. The first place winner was Steve Rother! Mistakes do happen, but you have to admit, this is a HUGE one. Instead of putting a lot of effort into informing the public about the mistaken, the Mane Event seems to be downplaying “Trainergate”. Why is it so difficult to find Trainers Challenge results on their website and facebook pages? To this day, most people still think that Doug Mills won. Any why won’t they? Even in this article there’s a large photo of Doug….why isn’t there one of Steve Rother, who actually WON the event? The Mane Event should be putting more effort into acknowledging and congratulations the official winner (Steve Rother). There’s something very uncomfortable about this whole situation. It’s a shame that Steve was deprived of being awarded the trophy in front of his fans, but worse still, he’s still not receiving the recognition he so rightly deserves for being the “best of the “best – WINNING CHAMPION at the Trainers Challenge.

  3. Barbara Carey says

    I fully agree with Leanne. There is no official writing and pictures from Steve on your page. The Mane Event organizers need to get their act together.