A Look Back

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed a safe and wonderful countdown to 2012. And I hope 2011 was as wonderful to you and yours as it was for our family.

At this time of the year, I love taking a look back at my past blogs from the last 365 days and picking out pictures from some of the best days, some of the down days and some of the life changing days. So if you’re with me, here’s 2011 in a nutshell:

Our year started off with a pretty cold January. Even the horses weren’t very impressed. I’m hoping the Farmer’s Almanac is wrong with their predictions of an even colder 2012 winter…

We had so much snow in Regina, SK, that our horses exited their pastures on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, others choose simply to jump out:

Of course as many of you know, I came into 2011 as a very pregnant, first time mother of twins:

However, we had 5 broodmares due to deliver their foals before my due date.

I lasted long enough for one to hit the ground.

Our twin babies came 2 months earlier than expected and were delivered by emergency C-section in March. They spent the first 31 and 44 days of their lives in the Regina, SK, Neonatal Unit. Clay and I were forever changed.

The babies quickly became the center of our world as we adjusted to our new roles as parents.

Spring approached and it was time for Clay to get back into the show ring. The babies and I were not yet ready to begin traveling so for the first little while, we watched Daddy compete through live webcasts:

But as summer came, finally I felt brave enough to go as a family:

We attended the Reinin’ In The Sun in Armstrong, BC.

Sadly, we didn’t realize it would be our last year to do so.

Then of course, it was Hawg-A-Rama time!

Some very special guests from Cavalia came to overnight with us in Regina, SK:

And following summer, it came time for Clay and I to announce that we would be relocating back to Alberta just prior to winter. Our big move required 10 loads of “stuff” to be trucked from Regina to Calgary, AB.

When we finally got all the horses, buffalo, baby cribs, tractors and house contents moved, there was a lot of work at our new place to do:

And just as soon as we had the new cow pen fences built, a crazy rip-roaring wind blew through our new property and blew it down:

Still, we love our new home. And if the winds blow it down, we’ll rebuild.

In 2011, Clay and I once again became barn owners, Albertans and for the first time – parents. This past year was wonderful and life changing in every way.

We wish you all a very happy 2012!


  1. Arlene Hepburn says

    Welcome back and every success to you both in 2012!

  2. Phil & Sherry says

    Wishing you the best for 2012 . . . if you rebuild it . . . they will come . . . hope to see you in the new year . . .