Christmas Comes Early

Christmas came early to a very special person staying with us here at Twin Corazones Ranch this week, and I’d thought I’d share because it was an exciting time for my husband and I. (By the way, Twin Corazones is the new name of our new ranch – in case I failed to mention that already… And Corazones means “hearts” in Espagnol. Because I know that’s your next question <smile>)

Anyways, over some waffles and coffee at the breakfast table, our friend, Elli Meinert who is currently visiting from BC sat down to a big surprise. I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Here is her reaction:

You see, Elli sat down to an early Christmas present from her mother. Our whole barn was in on the surprise, except Elli of course. Everyone did their best to distract Elli from a pre-purchase exam that went on at the barn without her knowledge. Then the next morning, Elli went to the breakfast table contemplating only cream cheese or syrup on her waffles – only to discover a set of AQHA transfer papers sitting at her spot.

A 2006 pretty palomino mare with the barn name of “Porsche” will be soon be moving from our barn to her new home with Elli in BC. And considering the joy this special present brought to Elli’s face, we know Porsche has found the perfect home.

Happy December everyone!!


  1. My favorite Equine App is a blanketed Black and White Appaloosa.