Dog Whisperer Meets Parelli

Spike, a Siberian Husky, wears a backpack as owner Joshua walks him with Cesar Milan and other dogs. (Photo Credit: (c) MPH - Emery/Sumner Joint Venture)

While I don’t have a lot of time for watching television, I do make a point of setting the PVR to record episodes of National Geographic’s, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. Clay and I both love this show because of Cesar’s training philosophies for dogs. And we really appreciate his hard core honesty when it comes to “rehabilitating owners.”

We were quite shocked when we learned how similar the training of dogs can be to the training of horses. Despite the fact that dogs are predator animals and horses are prey animals, the training psychology between the two is amazingly similar.

Our miniature American Eskimo "Casper" as a puppy in 2001.

Years ago, Clay and I were extremely fortunate to have a sweet, personality charged American Eskimo named Casper. He was a furry ball of white fluff with an attitude. Sadly, we lost him in 2008 and currently, Clay and I are not dog owners simply because a dog does not fit into our lifestyle at present. With a busy schedule and a commitment to being on the road for thousands of miles of travel each year, we don’t feel we would be able to give a dog a proper quality of life – during this stage in our lives. However, if at some point we can get back to considering ourselves as “pack leaders,” there are so many things we would do differently.

I know it sounds cliché but if only I knew then, what I know now…

Host Cesar Millan of the Dog Whisperer and Pat Parelli pose for a picture. (Photo credit Paul Coneys - MPH - Emery / Sumner Joint Venture)

Recently, we flipped on the PVR, only to discover that Cesar had done a dual training episode with Pat Parelli. The two mentors came to the aid of Joan Blank, a woman who works with physically, mentally and emotionally challenged individuals at a therapeutic riding center. Cesar steps in when Blank’s dogs and the horses of the center can’t seem to co-exist.

Meanwhile, Parelli takes over the 22-year old mare, Cupcake, temporarily when she tries to double barrel her sidewalkers and frightens riders in the process.

You can read more about this episode at:

Or take a sneak peak with this YouTube video:


  1. I am trying to find the full episode. Does anyone know when this airs? These clips are interesting. Love both of these philosophies.

  2. Jenn Webster says

    Hi Joanne,


    You are supposed to be able to view full episodes from there. This show has aired already and is entitled “Cesar and the Horse Whisperer”.

    Hope that helps!
    – Jenn
    My Stable Life