Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo by Natalie Jackman of www.have-dog.com.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful ladies out there! If you’ve been following along to My Stable Life this week, you’ll know that because today is a special day, I have a big announcement to make – the winner of 2 tickets to Odysseo!

But first, in honor of today I have a few foal pictures I’d love to share with you, snapped by my friend Natalie Jackman of Have Dog Photography.

I hope all you Mother’s out there get a chance for some time in the sun with your kidlets. Perhaps you can delight in some flowers as well!

Photo by Natalie Jackman

Maybe your kids will take a nap, offering you the chance at some precious “Mommy Time.”


Since this is what life as a Mother looks like for me…


I awoke to the squeal of a smoke detector this morning. That was quickly followed by the beckon of a fire truck’s siren at my front door. I’m sure y’all with kids can relate…?

If not, you can most certainly connect to this. The constant, Mad-Dash to here and there:


Or there are days when you wanna pull your hair out, or let it down. Whichever comes first:


And then there are the days that look like this:


Or better yet, this:


And while we all know not every moment is as tranquil as this:


Whenever and wherever kids are concerned, hilarity usually ensues.


“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest-salaried jobs … since the payment is pure love.” — Mildred B. Vermont


Happy Mother’s Day! And oh yeah, the winner of 2 tickets to Odysseo? Congratulations Melissa Cockle! You will be seeing the fabulous 6D show in Calgary! Please contact [email protected] for details on receiving your prize.


  1. Mary Deiter says

    Love, love, love the mother’s day blog highlighted with mares and foals. Some really fabulous pictures!