Hold On To Yer Hats!!

A beautiful dawn sky: I thought I was waking up to another typical, rural Calgary day. Today was anything but.

Last time I blogged on My Stable Life, I detailed the drama of our arena excavation and eluded to a big party we were hosting in new home. That blog was Part One of a two-part series and can be found here. And although I have the second part of the story coming to you – as promised – I decided that the crazy weather we experienced here today (as did many southern Albertans), merited its own blog.

I mean, a day that is soooo windy your porta potty blows down – definitely merits its own blog:

I’ve never wanted to take so many pictures of a porta-potty before…

My husband’s gonna have a great time flipping this thing back upright. What a great task to do on Monday morning…

And a day that is so windy your friends wear googles everywhere they go, is definitely worth blogging about:

(Dear friend: My husband insisted I post this picture…)

But all kidding aside, the Calgary area experienced some crazy windstorms today. And Sunday at Twin Corozones Ranch was no exception. This is what our cow fence looked like this past Friday morning:

This is what it looks like now:

And this is what it looks like with the ominous sky of more high winds-a-brewin’, behind it:

Luckily, nobody was hurt – or blown away – in today’s weather, thanks to the quick thinking actions of our staff and our goggled friend. All paddock horses were brought inside the barn and bedded into tie-stalls, to wait the winds out.

Hopefully tomorrow is a much nicer day!