Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well folks, I realize it’s not quite Christmas yet but this may be my last post on My Stable Life until after the 26th. You see, I have some some doctor’s appointments (all scheduled, not emergencies), errands to run and then Clay and I fly back to Alberta to spend some time with our families. So I’m not certain I will have much time to post in the next couple of days. But you can bet I will be back after Christmas!

Even Santa's elves got to join in the festivities!

Here are a couple of highlights from the J. Drummond Farms Christmas party, held this past weekend. Nothing gets in me in the festive mood better than a delightful Christmas party, filled with good company! Our shop was cleared out and all the farm equipment pushed aside, to make way for the tables and band platform and mountains of food and treats. The holiday cheer in the air could only signal one thing – the great festive occasion is finally upon us.

The combines and sprayers were pushed aside so family and friends could enjoy each others' company.

As you can see, the shop was covered in lights and every Gator, sprayer or tractor in sight got a string or two as well. This is a farm Christmas party like none other – Saskatchewan style!

The fireplace was toasty and warm and adorned with stockings. And we even had a special guest drop by – I loved it when the children kept asking me if I had seen Santa’s sleigh yet. “Do you think that maybe he parked over by the horses?” one little girl asked me.

“Maybe!” was my reply. “Perhaps he just needs a minute or two to carry his bag over here to the shop now. It’s a pretty big bag after all…” And when Santa finally made his grand entrance, the shrieks of joy from the children were adorable. Some of the littler ones were pretty spooked of course but not this little guy:

Or this little girl:

And even some big kids took part in the fun:

Before and after dinner, we were treated to the rockin’ beats of Becky and the Jets:

And they even threw in a couple of carols, to ensure we all walked away with the spirit in our hearts.

Merry Christmas to you all! I wish all you wonderful readers of My Stable Life a safe and happy holiday season and a Happy New Year!

– JW