Moving Day


It’s been a busy couple days here at the Futurity. Move in was a couple days ago so we packed everything up at Todd Arvidson’s and made the move early Tuesday morning.

This year the show organizers had trailers line-up and competitors were required to show their horse’s coggins papers and drop the windows on the trailer to match the horses to the papers.

There was quite a line-up when we arrived, but it moved fairly quickly. Our move-in this year was rather painless. We are stalled in barn 6 and we were able to drive right up to the door and unload.

We got the stalls bedded and moved the horses in first. They were very grateful to be in a stall full of fluffy bedding and made themselves at home.

Then it was onto the tack and feed rooms. We purchased some craft paper for our “roof”. If you don’t put a roof on here, you can expect your tack and equipment to be covered in a film of dust and some unwelcoming pigeon poop.

Organized chaos – our tack room is plump full with four people’s horse show treasures and necessities.

My workstation.
 Right next to the cross-ties. That’s Ten getting unsaddled.

Everyone at the show was busy building their stall fronts. When I say building it’s no joke. Barns literally build a home away from home, complete with living rooms and big screen tv’s and some even stuccoed!

Ours were rather simple.

And most of barn 6 was decorated rather modestly.

The Super Barn however…

They went all out!

 Last year we were stalled right across from Sterling Ranch – it took three entire days (late into the night) to complete this stall front.

Sterling Ranch

At last year’s NRHA Futurity a few fellow reiners (may have been some Canadians involved) played a prank on NRHA’s youngest 2 Million Dollar Rider, Andrea Fappani. Goes to show even the big guns and futurity champions get pranked.

There was talk about putting the “chalking” all the way down the alley way, but thankfully they opted for just one as instead of using chalk, (and in horse competitor fashion) the pranksters decided to use horse spray paint in black, palomino and I think a little sorrel.

The pranksters of course got Andrea’s wife, Tish Fappani’s permission to do the prank (after unsuccessfully trying to do it without being seen). She went along with the plan in good nature. They felt Andrea needed just one more life-sized cutout of himself and in case anyone may miss his stalls, there were arrows added to direct the way.

After many sweepings and a little water, the image was still there by the end of the show. I’m happy to say that the “chaulking” is no longer visible – or at least you can no longer make out what it is ;)

I’m not sure how they managed it, but the Fappani barn’s stall fronts this year are even bigger! They went above and beyond. Although I did notice there were no life sized cutouts of Mr.Fappani.

Instead it was a giant billboard.

When it comes to horse showing – the competition isn’t just in the arena.


  1. Marilyn Copland says

    Your photos are wonderful, Dee. I’ve told friends for the past 6 years how unbelievable those stall fronts are in the super barn at Futurity. You captured it beautifully. Thank you!

  2. Pamela Sabo says

    I’m really enjoying your blog, Dee. The photos in this one are great for those of us who haven’t yet made the pilgrimage to OK….yet! :). Looking forward to your next one.