Roundbale Day

Yep. It was as cold and miserable a day as these pictures indicate.

Last Friday was Roundbale Day. Time to start putting roundbales out to our pasture horses in preparation for winter.

I know. I hate saying the W-word. But it’s inevitable. And last Friday gave me a taste of the temperatures to come. It was a bitterly cold, wet and rainy day. So Clay and I bundled up and jumped into the big green Deere to set bales out to each of the fields. With the pasture grasses starting to dwindle a little, it’s time to prep the horses for their winter weights.

Outside of the tractor cab it was windy, cold and miserable. But inside, Clay and I were pretty toasty and rockin’ to the likes of Katy Perry, Stereos and Rihanna. (His radio station – not mine). <grin>

My job is to be the Gate-Keeper. There’s not much to it – basically I open up the gates when we arrive at each pasture and ensure Clay has enough width to get through.

Clay on the other hand gets to pick-up the bales, drive the tractor and remove any netting or bailer twine on every bale…

Then he picks up one of our plastic bale feeders and…

…carefully places it over top of a bale he has just set out for the pasture horses.

Meanwhile, I get to play with the pasture horses.

Or take pictures of them. I love watching the horses in anticipation of their new round bales. They can barely wait.

Like this little yearling filly, who I thought was just a little more eager than the others for her hay.

But then I discovered she was purely interested in the Deere. This yearling filly is a total character!

But that’s another story for another time.


  1. Oh Jenn, thanks for the gentle reminder of days to come :). Nice teamwork the two of you.