Spring Classic – Part 2

I know I’ve been slacking off at My Stable Life here a bit, but I promise you it’s not intentional. Clay and I just got off the road from a 10-day trip to Alberta. It involved 2 shows, 4 horses  and 768 kilometers (each way).

The Spring Classic audience & judges.

Here are a couple more candid shots I caught at the 2010 Reining Alberta Spring Classic held at Westerner Park in Red Deer, Alberta. And I have to tell you, looking through all of these got me thinking…

Jesse Beckley & Tiggy.

Is there something wrong with horse show people? I mean, from the unpacking…

The Kolsun family getting settled and organized.

To the show preparation…

To the constant care of our horses…

Jim McGhee and one of his fine horses with a Z-name.

To the wrapping and unwrapping of legs…

Pic by Deanna Paulsen. I had no idea there was a camera pointed on me!

To the countless number of steps walked across pavement in the course of a show….

To the hundreds of hours spent in practice.

Through thick and thin. Rain, sleet or snow. And occasionally, heat.

Pic by Deanna Paulsen.

Late nights and ridiculously early mornings.

Pic by Deanna Paulsen.

Is there something wrong with horse people?

Because I seriously can’t wait to do it again!!

Regan Bikman has a laugh with friends. Pic by Deanna Paulsen.


  1. Judy Greenall says

    You are back..missed your blog..yes I start my day with you!

  2. Jenn Webster says

    Aww gee thanks Judy! I really appreciate that! :)