10 Weeks ’til Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

Sometime in the next seven weeks, I’ll endeavor to catch up to the calendar and present you an idea in the correct week of count-down.

Today ain’t that day.

In the meantime you might want to catch up with 12 Weeks ’til Christmas and 11 Weeks ’til Christmas, for which, I’ve provided the links here for your extreme convenience.

Today, we’re going to check out one of my favorite obsessions – funky cowboy boots. Don’t confuse these with riding boots – that they isn’t.

My only pair of Old Gringo’s were purchased in Fort Worth, but now I’m loving the fact that the  Calgary Stampede store carries Old Gringo boots. You can check out their entire line at www.oldgringoboots.com, but here’s some samplers.

The Cactus Razz boots.

An old-style Texas look with Luckenbach.

I love pale green and chocolate together making this one of my faves.

A view of the toe.

The Old Gringo Lucky Star.

If you simply must do the white cowboy boot thing, the Vencida may be for you.

And for the really funky, the Star Cow.

Rocketbuster boots have been around for a couple of years, and have some fabulous and decidedly offbeat styles of late.

Wow. Zebra Fields forever.

Slightly more subtle, the Starfire Platinum, priced at $2,895.00 U.S.

The Day of the Dead – $1,595.00.

And, for those of you within a certain mountain range.

Yes, they really are called the Sasquatch, at $1,695.00 U.S.

Y’all oughta’ step out more often in these.

Finally, the Italian brand Ferrini has a specialty line of well-priced exotic leather products just for horse people.

The blue-sting ray at $169.00.

Or, the pink tiger-stripe.

Guitars and peace signs help the world go round.

For the Dwight Yoakam in you.

If boots are your thing, I hope I’ve brought you some new sources of shopping.

Finally, for those of you who double as these for the season. . .

Jingle. Jingle. Jingle.


  1. Wild boots – I love them. And I thought I had seen some crazy ones in Mexico. I’m still lamenting leaving a gorgeous pair of purple ones in Guadalajara (sp).

  2. Oh! Hopefully Guadalajara will see you again, and the boots will be there awaiting!