6 Weeks ’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

Last night I invited my friend, Sheila, to the movie, Buck. It’s showing in Calgary at the Plaza Theatre through to the end of the month. I was happy to see it at a small, independent theatre – we like to support that genre, though they are sadly, fast disappearing from our landscape.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the trailer of Buck by now, it’s received a good share of publicity, but just in case you’ve been hiding under a frozen waterer, you’ll find it at the end of this post.

Sheila, not a horse owner, loved the film. As did I, and it seemed most of the audience members in the cozy theatre. It’s not a film you absolutely need to see in a theatre, but it’s always a greater experience to see a film on the big screen, isn’t it.

The movie focuses on the life and message of Buck Brannaman, a horseman we in the industry are quite familiar with, but it was nice to see his message reach outside of our circles to the larger mainstream. Buck was recently in Alberta, and we had a chance to get together with him, gathering an interview for a feature we can’t wait to share with you in the March issue of Western Horse Review. 

Buck really is about horses, but his message is quite human. Redemptive, vulnerable, forgiving. Brimming with quiet strength. Buck is a beautiful work of humanity. No great wonder he has the following he has amassed. Just this morning as I browsed my Facebook feed, I noticed a Buck quote on the Natural Leader Facebook page:

“Possess the things horses treasure – peace and comfort; and your horse will always be willing to trade with you. If you are always mindful of that, you “should” have the perfect relationship. Betray that desire and you will be low on credit with your horse.”

Always words to ponder from Buck. He’s the kind of teacher who leaves you to dwell on the questions. But then, there’s no wisdom worth having that isn’t hard won – which is, more or less, the story of his life.

I encourage you to be sure to make Buck part of your Christmas plans, whether in a theatre near you, or on DVD. That said, I’m offering up a DVD of Buck to give away this week. Fact is, I need to stockpile a few western movie suggestions for a future post, so let us know in the Comment section below, the name of a western movie you love, and we’ll enter your name into a draw to receive a DVD of Buck. Contest closes Friday, at midnight, and winner announced Monday.

Enjoy the trailer!


  1. Another one, which is not mentioned yet is Cactus Jack with Kirk Douglas. I always laugh when Kirk Douglas goes into the bar and orders a whiskey, and his horse Whiskey walks through the door. That horse had as much, or more character than the steed in Hidalgo. (Mr Mortenson purchased that horse after the movie).

  2. Lonesome Dove <3

  3. Tombstone!
    3 Amigos!
    Rustlers Rhapsody.

    Thank you for the contest!!

  4. Marie Leginus says

    Magnificent 7 and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly !!

  5. Silverado! It is without a doubt a super hokey spaghetti western if there ever was one but it is my all time favorite, along with true grit and conagher

  6. Colleen Norrish says

    One of my favorites: Dances With Wolves…great all round viewing with a big bowl of popcorn and a large glass of water…

  7. One of my favorites is Man from Snowy both 1 & 2. The scenery is beautiful. Those
    horses are something else.

  8. I got the Buck movie for Christmas….. I’ve watched it about 5 times. It is a great movie!