A 4-H Experience

For the first year in six, this family is taking a break from 4-H. Which has been wonderful, for accomplishing activities such as cooking supper and doing laundry. But we sure miss the gang, and particularly the highlight of the year – the Regionals!

So, while Wee and Teenager were not a part of the show this year, I had a chance to drive up and spend a couple of hours at the show, where it was held at the Olds Agriculture Society grounds last weekend.

As I do every year, I brought a number of back issues of the magazine to give away to the participants. Typically, they are on the table for about, oh, 40 seconds. The 4-Her’s seem to love the opportunity to pick up the free issues and I love the fact that kids still read!

To me there is nothing more beautiful than kids and horses. Or, in this case, young adult and horse.

Parents can still take care of business.

Great friends are made through the 4-H experience.

Helmets are encouraged, but not mandatory.

It’s a horse show – hurry up and wait!

The new barn at the Olds Agriculture Society grounds is light and airy and meets up with the arena at one end.

Even in +28°C weather, this barn stays cool, comfortable and for the most part, pest-free.

We all love the natural light and the height, and I’m sure the horses do as well.

The 4-H version of a personalized license plate doubles well as a stall plaque.

The ever popular most-far-out slinky is an informal, but hotly contested annual debate.

Horses of all shapes, sizes, colors and speckles are represented from the very small. . .

. . . to the large and nerdy.

From speckled. . .

. . . . to bespeckled.

4-H’ers take great pride in the care of their horses.

And are encouraged to care for their animals, for the most part, independently, even if it means a step stool..

Great job!

The popular diamond, or continental braid.

Hey, it’s my favorite Fjord. Back again.

I know. . . I missed you too.

You did alright, bud!

Command Central for the Millarville Club.

As I shot this photo, a sweet little gal informed me this mare is “the only pregnant horse at the show!”

Just before trail class.

A quick touch-up.

I took many more photos at the show and have posted them on the Western Horse Review Facebook Fan Page. Have a look if you have the chance and let me know if I caught you – photographically that is. Remember to become a fan while you’re there, to receive the heads-up on great new contests, coupon specials, magazine articles, show results and much more.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at a great 4-H experience!

Committing the pattern to memory.