April 2, 2011

This was the scene at the log house this afternoon.

I cannot believe how in love I was with it.

I mean it is April 2 and I, like nearly everyone I know, am so tired of winter. Still. It's impossible not to enjoy it.

It's safe to say the hammock is not going to be in use this weekend.

Somewhere between those two fences is my driveway. Regardless, Shaggy insisted it was fine to go for a walk. And it was, the weather was mild and peaceful.

This is how deep the snow was, unreal. By the way, I'm wearing muck boots, one of which is soaking wet, compliments of Wee, who jumped into them first thing in the morning, ran out and promptly filled it when she hit a pond under a foot of snow. Thanks, Wee. Arrggghhh.

Are you sure about this bud? Slush, squish, slog, . . . love the feel and sound of wet-on-the-inside rubber boots on a gravel road. Not!

Blue assumed his usual position – head stuck out of a shelter with a “what the?” puzzled look on his face. He wouldn't even come to visit me.

But this girl did.

I promise you Pokey, somewhere at the end of this are summer days and a jumping ring for you to rule.

It's safe to say the old Ford isn't going anywhere today.

The only detail that concerns me at all is we're almost out of milk. Note to self: plan better next spring storm.