Brand It Contest Winners

Alrighty, it’s time to announce the winners of our Brand-It Contest. First of all, we’ll let you in on the top five brand names embedded in the hearts of our readers. Incidentally, here at command center of, we have developed a highly technical system for deriving these results. . .

The top five named brands in the contest answers were:

Cruel Girl





Thanks everyone for participating in our inaugural online contest. I’ll be back later with week with another. Here’s our top three winners:

Katrina T. entered on April 6
Alysha entered on April 6
Kat M. entered on April 6

(P.S. – no you didn’t miss the fine print stating April 6 entries received priority; it was a complete fluke that all three winners drawn entered on April 6)

You lucky gals please contact Beth at [email protected] with your particulars, you have 30 days to claim your prize.