Canada’s Greatest Western Town: Final Two!


Here we are – the final two!


Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, also known as the Old Cowboy Town faces off against Ponoka, Alberta, a town rich in rodeo and western heritage.

The Final Two round is now underway with only two days to cast your votes and round up a posse of supporters for your town. The rules remain simple. Vote ONCE for ONE town, and your vote must be cast in the Comments section of this blog post. Get the word out by sharing our Facebook posts, or using the hashtag #greatestwesterntown. Do it soon, as voting for this round ends very quickly – midnight August 9.


  1. Ponoka. Best town ever

  2. Ponoka has western heritage and cowboy grit. Ponoka for sure!

  3. Well, I like Maple Creek but my Mom was born and is buried in Ponoka, so I have to vote Ponoka.

  4. ThorsonVanessa says

    Maple Creek

  5. Ponoka!

  6. Maple Creek!!!

  7. Maple Creek it must be.

  8. Go Ponoka!!!

  9. Ponoka!

  10. Maple Creek

  11. Has to be Ponoka

  12. Barry Rudd says

    Maple Creek all the way

  13. Go Ponoka

  14. marnie hall says

    Maple Creek!!!

  15. Maple Creek!!

  16. PONOKA of course

  17. Ponoka all the way

  18. Oralee Wright says

    Maple Creek!

  19. Ponoka Ponoka Ponoka.

  20. Ponoka!!!

  21. Kristi Motley says


  22. Maple creek!

  23. Maple Creek

  24. Bill Turigan says

    Ponoka all the way

  25. Ponoka!!

  26. Maple Creek!!


  28. ponoka!

  29. Maple creek

  30. Go Go!!!! Maple Creek,Maple Creek …… all the way :D

  31. Ponoka

  32. Sharon Gopaul says

    go Maple Creek!!!!

  33. Ponoka

  34. maple creek!

  35. Ponoka!

  36. Maple Creek 2

  37. Maple Creek please

  38. Being a Saskatchewan girl who moved to Alberta my vote is PONOKA hands down!!!!

  39. Sharon Gopaul says

    Maple Creek all the way!!

  40. Chris Malone says

    Maple Creek for the win!!

  41. Are there any results to share today? Thank you.

  42. Anybody have any idea who won?

  43. Ponoka. Hands down.

  44. Maple Creek All the Way!!!!!

  45. Go Maple Creek!!!

  46. Ponoka!!!