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  1. I Love Any Coloring of a paint beacause there Unique In there own Way
    They are all diffrent And very beautiful!

  2. Malvena Mckinnon says

    Buckskin wins my heart,when I was 16 yrs old my first Quarter horse was a buckskin,and now at 57 I have a buckskin again,so sturdy, and a beautiful color,though I wouldnt want my palomino to hear or her nose would be out of joint,lol I love her ,too,o ya my buckskin name is called Sister because my daughter has the full sister and she is a buckskin, named Quixote

  3. Love apaloosas

  4. They are all beautiful in thier own way, but I have got to admit I’m a sucker for a 16 hand sorrel with a wide blaze.My granddad had an old mare with all the cow sense you could wish for. She bred true to type no matter what color stud he put her with. Good enough for John Wayne, good enough for me!

  5. Debby Robertson says

    I like them all but if I have to choose it would have to be a palomino. I have a palomino and a sorrel. I keep them in a community pasture and when they are all out together, you can always pick him out. He stands out with his golden color with his white white mane and tail.

  6. I love a shiny black horse!

  7. Chocolate color with a flaxen mane and tail this color attracted me way back when with Rex Allen and his horse KoKo. And now we see it a lot in the Rocky Mountain Horse’s We love it very flashy

  8. “Sock head!!!!!” you know the classic grey wool with red nose! And jet black button eyes! And a fuzzy wool mane!…This bad boy never bucks, never needs feed, always listens, always loyal and loving… seriously thou i would have to say i like a dapple/chocolate brown.

  9. I love a dappled buckskin … or a dappled grey …. maybe I just love dapples!

  10. Michele Borodawk says

    Palomino!! My first horse was a palomino – she taught me how to ride! Not the washed out pale palomino – but the True Golden kind! Flashy!!

  11. I have always been partial to bays.

  12. Dapple greys!!! Ever since i was a kid i have loved them but never owned one. Seems i always have bays and sorrels.

  13. I can’t pick just one – Black, Buckskin, Bay, some Paints – I guess a Bay Overo with the right markings would probably be at the top of the list.

  14. My favorite shade is rich dark bay!!

  15. Pauline Watson says

    Bay because that was the color of my first horse. Palomino is a close second

  16. I love Liver Chestnuts, esp those w/flaxen mane & tail. I remember seeing a couple when I was young & just love the deep mahogany color!!

  17. I love all colors, but I really find deep dapple grey very striking!

  18. My favorite is a golden palomino. When watching a show my eyes can only follow the palomino, the rest might as well not be there!

  19. Denise Thompson says

    I love a red roan pintoloosa.. it is such a unique coloring.. and no 2 horses are ever exactly alike.

  20. Grey, no question

  21. Jillian Kaufmann says

    I like roans…they appear as wise old souls with their peppering of white or grey hairs…

  22. I love a deep bay – one that – in the summer – shines and shows the definition of the muscles!!

  23. Anita Barnett says

    I LOVE GRAY ARABIANS!!! there is just something magical about them…my first horse was a gray and now my current horse is also a gray.

  24. Shelly Ryan says

    Palomino is most definitely the best colour for a horse! We use to own the stallion Genuine 007 and if you ever saw him you’d agree…..GORGEOUS! His colour is metallic gold.

  25. I can’t spell it but I love gurullas!

  26. My dad always said you can’t ride the colour. I have never forgot this because it’s true. But if I was to pick a favorite it would be dark grey with black feet.

  27. Corrie Dunn says

    I love any color of horse, so long they are a horse, my heart melts. I have four horses and they are just wonderful animals. I go to them for comfort and they make me fell great. But if I have to say a color I’d say chestnut.

  28. Glenda Wagar says

    I like all colors and collect them all. I keep searching for the perfect grey and grullo. have to say though I love a dark palomino with snow white mane and tail.

  29. A bay or a roan with a stripe on face

  30. I am partial to black as they also look classy and easy to match colors to in regards to halters and what ever I where and I look good in black.

  31. Love my sorrel mare

  32. When I see a sleek Black horse shining at me in the sun it reminds me of how very ancient our majestic friends are and of how much they have suffered and sacrificed to and for our race. This evokes a deep sense of compassion and makes me want to put an end to any and all continued suffering, at the human hand, of these beautiful souls.

  33. Palamino all the way!

  34. I love the black &white paints,you can see them so beautifully standing out in any background!

  35. Jackie Krienke says

    No horse is a bad color…but a deep chestnut w/flaxen mane & tail, white blaze and four white socks is pretty hard to take your eyes off of!