Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 3

This last week, on Thursday, the skies cleared long enough to enjoy a drive through the foothills to the home of our photo subject for a piece we’re working on for the next issue of the magazine. At this time of year, verdant as it is thanks to all that moisture, the countryside can take a bit of your breath away.

While we were shooting I came across an item I decided would work in beautifully with the next Fashion Shoot Steal giveaway, which happens to be a $100 gift certificate from our friends at Cowgirl Finesse! We featured a few of the products from this sassy and stylish Canadian company in our 2012 Fashion Shoot – which is coming ‘atcha soon in the July/August issue. As you might already know, Cowgirl Finesse is known for their unique purses, so I decided to tie in this vintage handbag we found on the photo shoot with the contest.


photo by Deanna Buschert

All you have to do is guess the year this vintage (hint!) purse was made in the comment section below, and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate from Cowgirl Finesse. Don’t worry, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer, the key is participation.

Sometime next week, I’ll let you all in on the age of the purse pictured, and we’ll do a random draw from all of the comments and declare a winner.

Thanks for joining in and good luck!


  1. I think the purse was made in 1976.

  2. Sue Brace says

    I think the purse was made in 1961. I love Cowgirl Finesse, I currently use purse. wallet and cap purchased at a Cowgirl Finesse party, and would love to have some new ones!!

  3. Fiona Mac says

    My guess is 1966

  4. I think it was designed in 1963. I love vintage…sorta like me.

  5. I am going to go with 1969, although is a bit of a pitch, is also the same year as one of my dream cars! the cf merch is an awesome way to show some horsey flare to some business attire

  6. I think the purse was made in 1953.

  7. Wendy Williams says

    How about 1978? Wish I had one, very cool!

  8. Let’s go with 1969

  9. Hello
    I think the purse is 1958, lovely can it be purchased?

  10. I’m going with 1965… what an awesome purse.

  11. I think it isn’t as old as it looks – early ‘8o’s. Lovely!

  12. My guess is 1982. Beautiful purse

  13. Debbie Morris says

    The year I was born: 1956

  14. It was made in 1964 and designed by Enid Collins.
    Does the date on the coin by chance say 1953?

  15. Lisa Cowling says


  16. Some time in 1960s.. Lets say 1964. Wouldnt be surprised if it uses some older parts (like the quarter).

  17. I think 2011. Love this purse :)

  18. I’m thinkin’ 1960……… was a very good year! :)

  19. 1973

  20. Ronda Loyer says

    Maybe 1972