Forever In Blue Jeans

by guest blogger Deanna Beckley

Aww blue jeans. Dark wash, acid wash, worn out, boot-cut, straight leg, fancy pockets, relax fit…so many styles to choose from! You can never have enough blue jeans!

Photo courtesy of Krista Kay Photography

I will admit, I have enough jeans to get me through several weeks without wearing a single pair twice. I firmly believe they are a must have staple that should be in everyone’s closet.

We couldn’t have a fashion steal without giving away a pair of jeans. This week’s giveaway item is sponsored by Cavalier. Thank you Cavalier for giving away a great pair of Iron Horse Jeans.

Cavalier is a privately owned Canadian company based in Stratford, Ontario. The business was founded in 1975. Cavalier has three operating divisions each focusing on a distinct segment of the equestrian market. The Cavalier division focuses on English riding equipment and apparel. Select Distributing focuses on the needs of the western rider and the Equine Advantage division represents the most comprehensive selection of Equine animal health care products. Be sure to check out their facebook page.

I actually interviewed Christi Simoneaux of Iron Horse Jeans last year. Here is what she said about Iron Horse Jeans and western fashion.

WHR: What influences Iron Horse design?

IHJ: “We really don’t look within the jean industry per say for design but we center ourselves on vintage heritage and then we explore fashion products in other categories’ such as women’s accessories to find design inspiration.”

WHR: What is the biggest jump we’ll see western fashion take in the next two years? Or what has been the biggest jump it has taken?

IHJ: “For years now western retailers and some manufactures feel as though western fashion is two years behind main street and slower to react to current trends. I think thats changed and western is following much closer to main stream, especially the younger crowd. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more straight leg fashion and possibly a softening of the bling on jeans in the next few years to come.”

WHR: What trends are we seeing for 2012?

IHJ: “In denim, lighter washes are starting to gain a little presence while deep dark washes with bright contrasting stitching is coming on fast. Low rise for gals has settled in at 7” and is the norm in the market with 8” rise following close behind. For guys its dark washes simple pockets minimum distressing and in a low rise offering.”

WHR: Is there one item that is timeless that will never go out of style?

IHJ: “Absolutely it’s called denim and boot leg cut, its been here from the start and for the most part has stayed the same just maybe with a little bit more flare!”

So the question for this week’s giveaway is…
What equine event are you most looking forward to this summer?



  1. Horse shows! All of them :)

  2. Tough one – of course all the horse shows, but my favourite is all the spectacular summer mountain trail riding.. not sure if that really qualifies as an “event”, but either way a new pair of beautiful jeans will look good in both venues!

  3. Cavalia is coming with a show, I want to see their horses perform!

  4. The next clinic with Jim (Anderson) and then my very first reining competition with my mare, Taro!!!

  5. Leanne Paulsen says

    The Canadian Supreme. There are so many horse competitions to watch.

  6. The Calgary Stampede. Haven’t been there since I was a teenager and I can’t wait to see the art expo. I love all things Western!

  7. Supreme for sure! It’ll be great to finally go watch and relax rather than work the whole thing!

  8. The Cowboy Up Challenge at the Calgary Stampede. Love it last year and can’t wait to see it again this year!

  9. Andrea Adams says

    All horse shows! Cant wait =)

  10. Barrel Racing! I love jackpotting :) I get to do what I love, and visit with some of my favourite people!

  11. Holly Folkerts says

    Calgary Stampede. Also Clinton Anderson is coming to town.

  12. The Ponoka Stampede – June 26 – July 2. Happening NOW! Good times!

  13. Sue Brace says

    My daughters Light Horse Show! :)

  14. My first reining competition in August! Age 48 soon…

  15. I’m looking forward to my 1st endurance ride!!

  16. Reining Horse shows with my horse buddy Jake.

  17. seeing the RCMP musical ride in our hometown this summer

  18. Showing my horse under saddle for the first time next month! Super excited.

  19. Watching my daughter show this summer! Also fun for me!

  20. Deana Martin says


  21. Any show that has reining!!

  22. I would have to say “ANY”….mainly because I have just got involved in the horse world and have yet to be lucky enough to be involved in any horse events!!! So a pair of actual COWGIRL JEANS would be a great way to START!!

  23. Jackpots, Gymkhana’s with my daughter and my 3 year old granddaughter. Is there something else to do?? LOVE IT :)

  24. The Vaquero Fiesta!

  25. Wild Rose Reining Classic

  26. We are heading to Montana for 2 great Wrangler Ropings this weekend! I am most looking forward to the 3 forks roping and the saddles they are giving away! (And the golfing along the way!!)

  27. My very first barrel jackpot!

  28. Canadian Supreme… Always lots of different events to take in!!!

  29. Susan Wall says

    I’m looking forward to the Amazing Backcountry Race in support of STARS Air Ambulance. The race has just begun, I’m participating and have already found one cache. It was a great day out with friends. I’ll be seeing a lot more of the backcountry because of this event and with STARS as the beneficiary of our travels, how can we go wrong?

  30. Rodeos!! Despite the fact I get tired of the driving, there is nothing like the fresh air, sunshine and crowds cheering you on:-)

  31. Watching the barrel racing at the Calgary Stampede

  32. Nancy Nicholson says

    Looking forward to my annual visit to Alberta in August and going to some FCA and CPRA rodeos! Here in Ontario, am looking forward to Warkworth rodeo next weekend!

  33. I just love every day in the summer with my horses… whether it is riding at home or going to a show… I am so lucky to be able to be around and ride horses!

  34. Karey Welliver says

    Cattle Penning at the Calgary Stampede!! And a trailride or 2 in the mountains.

  35. The 2012 Equestrian Events at the Olympics!

  36. The working cow horse competitions at the Stampede…. 100 yrs of history… pretty amazing!

  37. Definately our Williams Lake Stampede! And it’s this weekend, so don’t have to wait anymore. Love the ranch rodeo part of the Stampede as well.

  38. I am a barrel racer and look forward to all the rodeos we go to and have already been, but as a spectator, I really look forward to the Spruce Meadows Masters!

  39. Anything horse related. I love them all.

  40. Not sure its an event, but riding with my young lad who is 5 years old; we also enjoy local ranch rodeos and wathcing the wagons at Calgary on tv, and going to Saskatoon to watch the wagons during the EX.

  41. Cowboy Mounted Shooting!

  42. Mary Deiter says

    The Calgary Stampede!!!!

  43. The BCCTRA season, great trails-great people!

  44. The Prince George Reining Horse Association Fall Slide!! Always a great time with great people, great horses and great runs:):)

  45. Any events! I love being able to go to any if i get the chance to!

  46. Glenda Wagar says

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