Kid Spurs

Wee’s been having a time transitioning to spurs.

Her short little legs need a little more effectiveness for Blue to respond to her cues. The kid spurs we have are quite soft-roweled, still, the move from sans-spurs to full spurs proved to be too much of a leap for her. Since she’s still getting a feel for leg pressure cues she more often poked than pressured, and Blue went from unresponsive to jumpy, not the desired result.

Coach proposed a neat solution I hadn’t even thought of.

She suggested I wrap them up in tape for the time being, until Wee achieves a better feel for using them properly.

 I used masking tape, but I’m sure other varieties will work just as well. You can also try English spurs which have a smaller point to them, but in Wee’s case they weren’t long enough to be effective.

The kid is a lot more comfortable wearing and using them now, and Blue seems to approve as well.

Besides, it makes squatting on your spurs when you stop for a cat cuddle plenty more comfortable.