Scottsdale Arabian Show 2011

I've been back for a month, but I'm still reliving Arizona riding.

It's snowing outside. Understand?

Among many other firsts of Arizona this year, I had the chance to experience the Scottsdale Arabian Show.

Wow. It was incredible.

Economically, Phoenix may be one of the most depressed regions in the United States, but you wouldn't know it at this show.

Our first stop was the Shopping Expo, where I ran into a jewelry and hat designer I had met a few years ago in Ogden, Utah. She related this is her favourite tradeshow nowadays. And, I could see why. The halls were packed.

Some of the highlights:

Beautiful artwork.

Western fashion and accessories!

Slightly more traditional wear.

Gorgeous suits. I”m asking my family to purchase me an Arabian, just so I can wear one of these. Lovely.

Wee was taken by a booth filled with toy-horse size Arabian statues.

Then it was off to watch the classes.

If you ever have the opportunity to watch an English Country Pleasure class, seize the moment. It's really something. The smoothness of the gait, the fluidity of horse and rider.

It's a beautiful thing.

Outside, there was so much going on.

Barns were showcasing their best prospects.

More classes – such as western pleasure.

Pretty colors perfectly coordinated.

An incredible mane in the reining practice pen.

The Scottsdale Arabian Show hosts a fantastic reining and cow horse segment to the show. The purses are large enough to attract a yearly exodus of Canadian competitors specifically for these classes.

And, often, we bring it on home! Watch for a story of several such competitors in our May and Summer issues of Western Horse Review.

Outside, at the trade fair, we looked at barns – most of which would be hopeless in our Canadian winters. But, hey, we dreamed. It's what we do.

What's that saying. . . “you can take the farmer away from the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the. .? lead a farmer to the farm equipment booth?” Ah, whatever. . . if you are acquainted with a farmer or two, you know EXACTLY what I'm gettin' at. They ALWAYS gravitate to the logo's they know and love.

Naturally, there was a long line of trailer manufacturers, showcasing the latest equine travel modes. The three of us could see ourselves in this one. . . the freightliner connects to the . . . luxury living quarters connects to the . . .

three-horse accommodations in the back . . . yeah!

We're coming back for this when we win the lottery.

We interrupt this show coverage to bring you some exciting celebrity news.

Alice Cooper has moved to Phoenix!

And owns a restaurant!

And, had a food concession at the show.

And, manned it himself!

Well, sort of.

You heard it all right here, at Screen Doors & Saddles. Throw out your People magazine. You have me now.

Alice, you might want to hang the menu on the lefthand side of your booth. It's hard to read at that angle. Just sayin'. . .

Apparently, Alice is also a crack golfer and great conversationalist. Next year I hope to meet him.

Now, back to the show.

The barn and stall fronts at the show are nothing short of incredible, and we could have easily spent an afternoon perusing them.

But eventually, even Wee tires of the horse show.

And rebels.

In her own unique fashion.

Although, she later pointed out she had lasted longer than at “your cutting shows.” Good point, kid.

Hope you enjoyed this look at the 2011 Scottsdale Arabian Show. Thanks for tuning in and let us know if you attended, what you loved, and, if you found Alice. We're paying big bucks for paparazzi shots.


  1. Looks like a great trip – beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robert Fisher says

    My Favorite activity with horses is trail riding. My favorite one to watch is cutting.

  3. Thanks for the story and pictures – from the frozen Atlantic!