Sneak Peek

Our annual fashion shoot is all wrapped up and completed. This year the shoot was conducted at John Scott’s picturesque ranch in the foothills of Alberta. To have a look back at that day, see my post A Day at the Shoot.

Because I can’t wait for you to see the magazine, I’m sharing some of the great photography shot that day by Travis Rogers, and I hope you’ll enjoy the full spread in our June issue. Pick it up this week on the newsstand.

One of the concepts we decided upon when we began these annual shoots four years ago was to use real horse people in the shoots. Here, Tannis Kramer (left), cow horse competitor, sorting enthusiast and local rancher, and former high school rodeo competitor, and cutter, Erin Hussey (right). If I recall, when Erin was a wee teenager, I regularly donated cash into her college fund by competing in her class. Fortunately, for me, she finally moved on to high school rodeo, where no doubt she tormented other competitors with her winning ways. Given our history, I’m not really sure how she got in this shoot. Slipped by me she did. Once again. That pesky Erin.

Beautiful boots and accessories were hanging around all day.

Erin was kind enough to drag, er, bring her boyfriend, Johnny Crump, along for a few “guy” shots we needed. He was shy for about 14 seconds. Then he turned into this weird and stylish cross between Nicolas Cage and David Beckham.

Tell me you don’t see the similarity? Well, you do have to visualize hair on Beckham. Then, it’s a dead-on. No kiddin’.

This is John Scott. I can attest to the fact that when John smiles like this, he’s not kidding. That is just the fabric of John – one hundred percent authentic and genuine. At Western Horse Review we love John. Can you tell?

This is Terri Holowath. When she’s not commuting back and forth to Calgary to work at her accounting firm, she resides near Cayley, Alberta, with her husband and two boys, all of whom ride. Her favorite passion is cow horse.

This is fashion shoot co-ordinator and assistant editor, Deanna Paulsen’s mom, Leanne Paulsen. Aren’t moms great? They are always up for helping out. Deanna brought both her mom and dad and they assisted all day, lugging, carrying, driving, getting, setting and more. They even brought prop horses! Deanna’s parents are the best.

And that’s the sneak peek I have for you. Please check into the June issue of Western Horse Review to catch the entire shoot complete with all of our authentic horse folk models.