Straw or Felt?


Photo by Krista Kay Photography.

Because it’s a gorgeously warm Wednesday morning, and the first real inklings of spring are finally manifesting themselves in abundance across the country, I thought it would be a good day for an impromptu contest.

This week the enquiring minds at the magazine want to know about your hat preferences. So, in the comment section below, please answer the following question:

What sort of hat do you prefer to ride in?

1) Straw

2) Felt

3) It’s a seasonal thing – straw in summer, felt in the cooler seasons

4) Riding in my ball cap is preferred

5) It’s always a helmet for me when riding

And, finally . .  is there a specific time of year you prefer to purchase a new hat? Answer this, and you’ll receive a double entry into the draw!

At the end of the week, we’ll do a draw from all the answers and the lucky respondent will win a brand new set of Professional’s Choice splint boots!


  1. Becki Krueger says

    I live in Northeast Missouri and I prefer to wear my ball cap when riding. But, I do occasionally wear a hat. When I do, what I wear depends on the weather.
    I like to buy a new hat in the fall.

  2. Wayne Lulua says

    I like felt hats, it just feels comfortable and on a windy day it is less likely to blow away. I wear it during all of the seasons.

  3. Makayla McGruder says

    I am a felt kind of girl. They fit a little better and aren’t as irritating as some straw hats can be. I generally purchase hats in the spring or fall.

  4. I ride mostly in my ball cap, but in the summer and the sun is hot I wear my straw to protect myself and my felt is for good.

    I try and get my hats when they come on sale but when you need one you just have to get it no matter what.

  5. aaron wagnon says

    # 3 it is a seasonal and it depends on what I am riding if there is a good chance that it is going too be bucking or sun fishing or if the wind is blowing too hard or if the creek rises then I go with my base cinch cap

  6. Christine says


  7. Darlene Tingtved says

    Straw in the summer and felt in the winter, but now at my age I have visions of my own mortality and the aches and pains of a lifetime of horse related events to encourage me to remember to wear my helmet more often than not:)

  8. Brianna Regier says

    I prefer riding in my straw hat (well it is a palm leaf) because if I’m riding in it that means its a beautiful day outside! Also because my brother so lovingly picked it out for me and shaped it to my favourite style, like a cross between a guss and a round crown with the sides a bit bronced up. As for time of year to purchase a new hat, spring. A person always likes to start fresh come spring and a felt is a nice transition from scotch caps to palm leaves right!

  9. TROY FREEMAN says

    I love my straw hats for riding andit’s alright that I use super glue right to my bald head to keep them on when it’s windy. Felt always for going out and church because my wife tells me to do so.

    I really love my felt hats too.

  10. Liann Farnese says

    #3!!! I wear a straw hat when working my cattle but I also show a western pleasure/trail horse so then I go to felt. I will wear anything anytime:) I just love hats!!!:)

  11. #3. But there are some days where I just my ball cap.

  12. #3 It’s a seasonal thing , felt after Labor Day and straw hats after Easter. It’s proper etiquette.

  13. Darren Bishop says

    Felt most of the time. Straw for really hot weather. Spring is my preferred time to find a new one, for a better fit andtime to break in.

  14. I like to wear either a ball cap or straw hat riding at home, the straw hat I find especially nice for very hot weather in the summer when there is a lot of sun! At jackpots I prefer my felt hat for my western attire!

  15. Lynn Foster says

    Folks when I ride I ALWAYS wear my hardhat….I save the felt, straw, baseball hats for when I am on the ground…..if I win you can send me felt – ITS STILL WINTER HERE IN NEW ENGLAND….gads don’t know when the warm weather will ever arrive…..

  16. Ball caps for the majority of the time! And felt for showing (more professional finished look!) Maybe a straw hat for at home on very hot days! Best (favorite) time to buy…. When you find a great hat for a super price! (on sale!)

  17. I wear a ball cap at home…and wear a straw hat for Western attire commitments . I love felt hats, but haven’t owned one for a long

  18. Seasonal adjustment between straw and felt. Ball cap in the wind or on a green horse. Full flaps down on the sheepskin Outback on the harsh winter day. I guess I’m a form follows function guy! As for buying time, usually when I need one, or better yet when they’re on sale!