A Dozen Stunning Ranch Scarves

I don’t own a ranch scarf, but that might change after finding this gorgeous collection, designed specifically for kids online at saddle maker and artisan Jeremiah Watt’s website. I can’t wait to cowgirl-up my girls with them. Here’s my dozen favorites:

It’s so European. Gorgeous with the black hat.

A subtle black and white beauty.

Just barely and beautifully pink, this scarf is sueded giving it a soft nap and a gentle fall when worn.

A vintage calico-print exudes Old West in abundance.

A classy green paisley print.

I think I’ve seen Brad Pitt wearing this steely sage green silk.

It’s a fact – you can never have enough paisley scarves. This one in copper.

Here’s a close-up of one of the paisley patterns in all its passion.

This vintage floral pattern may be my ultimate favorite.

Yes, another paisley, so unique in these soft pastels.

A beautiful bright teal. Love the photographic touch of the weathered hat.

Just one more for the lovers-of-the-color-purple out there – a vibrant wine colored paisley pattern.

There are many more, including a selection of print scarves with buckaroos, Paint Horses, like this one, entitled Colts and Roses. . .

. . . done in original artwork.

Whoever photographed these ranch kid models captured an innocence and essence which truly belongs to the West. See them all at Ranch2Arena.