Win Cavalia Tickets

As promised on the Western Horse Review Facebook Page, today we’re announcing the contest for the giveaway of a pair of tickets to Cavalia, set to open Tuesday night in Edmonton.

I heard just yesterday that ticket sales have been so strong, the show has been extended until October 7. Without any further rambling on about it, here’s the details to enter:

Simply, in the comment section below, tell us what equine event or activity you’re looking forward to this fall. That easy.

For a second chance at winning enter again at the Western Horse Review Facebook Page. I’ll add a post there a little later this morning.

Contest closes and winner announced a week from today.


Good luck to all and have a great weekend!


  1. Would love to see Cavalia and take my daughter. I have been off on disability for so long and this would be a fantastic break.

  2. Kathlyn Peltzer says

    We would love to take our two daughters to Cavalia! We will be busy with our 4H horse club, pony club and riding out and gathering cows this fall.

  3. Peggy Steffen says

    I would love to see this performance.

  4. I have been buy this summer with a rodeo drill team that a friend and I started up last fall. It has been an amazing and busy summer, but the season has taken it’s toll on me and my horse! We are both looking forward to taking it easy this fall!! I would love to see Cavalia, I have heard such great things about it!

  5. Karla Kvicala says

    When is comes to horsey events I’m not to picky anything that involves barrel racing!! Lol.
    I wish everyone luck in this contest/draw.

  6. Looking forward to Cavalia, CFR and starting to ride my two young mares!

  7. This may be what I would most be waiting to see! But for me now it would be the Supreme in Red Deer at the end of the month!

  8. I would love to win tickets. I am looking forward to working with our two year old fillys and geldings this fall. It is a beautiful time of year to be outside!

  9. I would love to go see where acrobatics and dance meet horsemanship. Many who attend the show will never own a horse but will witness this fantastic show of the ultimate test of the trust that exists between horse and rider. What a wonderful way to draw new interests into the horsemanship world.

  10. I would love to win tickets and have the opportunity to see Cavalia. I am looking forward to working with our two year old fillys and geldings this fall.

  11. I’d love to have the opportunity to see Cavalia (◕‿◕)””

  12. Would love to present our horse crazy neighbours with tickets to Cavalia to show our appreciation to them for looking after our place and being great neighbours!

  13. Would be the highlight of my year to win these tickets. Be awesome to see this amazing show!

  14. Mercedes Will says

    This fall will be a time of winding down at The Bar G Ranch. As the autumn colors cover our horses pasture, the cool air reminds us it is time to prepare for winter. My husband and I will fill the loft with fresh bales of hay for our horses to eat this winter. We will go on our scenic trail rides and enjoy running our horses across fields that have now been harvested. Fall is a great time to really let our horses run and that is what they love to do. The fields are flat and perfect for some real safe galloping stretches. Perfect for a great workout for you and your horse. I hope all my fellow riders enjoy this fall as much as we will!