Your Favorite Horse Activity Contest 2011

I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard about the incredible Cavalia, currently playing in Vancouver and soon to move on to Calgary.

Did you know that Cavalia travels with a cast of 33 artists, acrobats, dancers and riders? As well as 49 horses representing 10 different breeds including the Pure Spanish Breed, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Lusitano, Paint Horse and Percheron.

The Cavalia village includes nine tents, 100 trucks are required to move the material, and 120 permanent employees, as well as 200 locally hired in each city visited. Cavalia has visited 38 cities in Canada, the United States and Europe. More than 1,600 performances have been given over the course of seven years to a combined audience of more than 2.5 million.

Here at Western Horse Review, we are very excited about Cavalia. Primarily, because we have two tickets to give away to the Calgary show. Not just any two tickets, but two Horse Lover seats – which means you will be guided to the best seats available under the tent to see the show up close. Not only that, you will enjoy an exclusive visit to the Cavalia stables after the show! It will be a beautiful thing.

Onto the contest. We held this exact contest last year around June. Our online audience has grown so much since then, I thought we’d hold it again, and compare results. Sounded like fun to me.

So, all you have to do is let us know – in the Comment section below – two things:

1) your favorite horse activity to participate?

2) your favorite horse activity to watch?

It’s fine if they are the same. We’ll randomly choose one winner who will be the lucky recipient of two tickets to Cavalia.

Contest closes April 15th.

Contest winners will be posted April 18th. Look for them then!


  1. To do: Trail Ride in the beautiful Rocky Mountains
    To watch: Free running horses, to see the wildies run. Breathtaking!

  2. I love to ride my Arabian gelding, anytime, anywhere!
    And I tape and watch any horse event on TV! I have never seen wild horses running but I would love to see that.

  3. Robert Fisher says

    Favorite activity: Trail riding
    Favorite to watch: Cutting

  4. Favorite horse activity to participate in: Trailriding with my family
    Favorite horse activity to watch: love watching my kids work with their horses.

  5. Anne Lewis says

    Camping in the mountains with our horses. The views are fantastic and with your horse beneath you what more could you ask for. The best things in life are still free.

    Show jumping. Whether at Spruce Meadows or on TV. I have followed Ian Miller’s career forever, cause that’s how long he has been jumping.

  6. To do: showing
    To watch: Mares foaling

  7. Volunteer Instructor for the Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project. In small groups the students participate in organized activity centres. At the conclusion of each activity, the students read to the horse, one at a time … It is pure magic! … the horses seem to be listening attentively to every word.

    “Horse Watching”. I could spend hours watching the herd.

  8. Michael Baird says

    Favorite Activity: trail riding in the mountains.
    Favorite to watch: proformances like Cavalia where the horse is more than a tool, the horse is an object of beauty.

  9. My favorite activity is riding and camping in the mountains
    favorite to watch is anything to do with horses – people can be included if necessary!!

  10. Favourite activity to do: trail ride with friends.

    Favourite to watch: Clinics and demonstrations

  11. Silvia Thacker says

    Favorite to do: Attend the birth of a foal
    Favorite to watch: Foals playing

  12. To do: Trail ride in the foothills with friends
    To watch: Cutting

  13. To do: Cantering down the beach on a beautiful day
    To Watch: Anybody discipline that shows a connection between horse and rider (anything pulled off with finesse like CAVALIA!!!}

  14. Favorite Activity: Love showing in western disciplines, especially reining.
    Favorite To Watch: Watching our boys come running in from the pasture at feeding time.

  15. Fav Activity: trail riding, or just plain ole pleasure riding
    Fav Watch: jumping at spruce meadows, or any rodeo event (two very different things!)

  16. To do: Barrel Race
    To watch: Any event with horses in it

  17. Favorite Activity: Trail Riding with friends in the mountains!
    Favorite to Watch: Barrel Racing!

  18. favorite activity team penning
    favorite to watch either penning or cutting

  19. Favorite Activity: Teaching horsebackriding
    Favorite to Watch: My herd “goofing off” and running around

  20. My favorite horse activity is to just ride my 2 Quarter horses on the many trails around our home.
    My favorite horse activity to watch is all those beautiful reining horses in action.

  21. Favorite Activity: Sharing our Norwegian Fjords with guests after a winter sleigh ride or one of the other horse drawn vehicles.
    Favorite to Watch: Watching “Our Girls” (Mares) running and bucking going to what we call “The Tee-hee party”.

  22. 1) your favorite horse activity to participate? Riding in the mountains

    2) your favorite horse activity to watch? Rodeo

  23. 1) My favorite horse activity is going to local horse shows with learning listening and knowledge knowing winng isn’t everything 2) my favorite horse activity to watch is barrel racing because my dream is to race at the Calgary Stampede and I hope I make it one of these days

  24. Pamela Sabo says

    1) Everything horse
    2) Everything horse

  25. Yeeha and good luck to all

  26. Katharine May says

    favorite activity – Loping thru the open county side and feeling the wind rush past me. Such a free feeling.

    Like to watch – any horse activities from shows to reining to rodeo – always fun.

  27. i love reining. i love everything about the sport!
    really, i’ll watch anything horsey. kind of a kid that way:)

  28. Anita Kraus says

    1) pleasure riding for the relaxing fun of it with family and friends

    2) watching horses run and play freely on their own.

  29. Chris Collins says

    I enjoy taking part in 3-Day Events, dressage shows and SportHorse shows as an official
    and thoroughly enjoy watching alomost any horse-related activity whether a wonderful freestyle dressage ride or a precise reining performance.

  30. Bev Pausche says

    1) Favourite activity: grooming

    2) watching stunt riders

  31. Tracy Goodbrand says

    There is nothing better than riding a finished cutting horse on a cow – the instinct a horse has never ceases to amaze me!
    I love watching horses just being horses and studying their behavior.

  32. Trish Rasmussen says

    Although reining is my favourite equine sport to participate in, my favourite horse activity is riding a young horse (actually any horse) and having a break through of understanding on something that might have been a bit of a struggle. It is so exhilarating and rewarding!

    My favourite equine event to watch is dressage, I just love the graceful athleticism and power that is exhibited during their maneuvres.

  33. Favorite to do: Ride with my kids
    Favorite to Watch: Training, it is amazing to see how a horse responds!

  34. Rebecca Lindquist says

    I love to trail ride, and I love to watch reining. I have always had a passion for driving, but have not had the chance to try it!

  35. Rita Ford says

    Favrite to do: Trail ride
    Favorite to Watch: Working Cow Horse

  36. Dainya Sapergia says

    I have been fortunate to have had many different experiences while on a horses’ back. Every event and discipline are beautiful in their own way. Though I now show only cutting horses and LOVE it, I think my favorite activity I have partaken in would be traditional high school dressage. Incredible.
    My favorite activity to watch is a happy horse being worked well at liberty. It is so amazing to watch the bond that can exist between a talented human and a willing horse.

  37. Nancy Nicholson says

    Favourite to do: Team Roping
    Favourite to watch: Reining

  38. Tammy OChs says

    To Do: I start horses undersaddle and love to help miss treated horses to trust.
    Favorite to watch: would be horsemanship clinics to better my knowledge so i can improve my comunication with them,

  39. Team Penning and cowhorse are my favorite to do and cowhorse is my favorite to watch.

  40. Favorite to participate in is feeding time!! It’s 10 minutes of equine bliss brought to you by your favorite human…me!! Reining is pretty fun too..
    Favorite to watch…mucking…. But seriously a dialed-in cutter on a squirrelly bovine, there’s nothing like it, nature at it’s finest.

  41. Favorite to participate in is general schooling in the arena or gathering cattle on range.
    Favorite to watch is show jumping

  42. Favorite to participate in: training a reining horse from start to ?
    Favorite to watch: Light bulb moments for horses and riders (usually the light bulb just has to come on for the rider and the horse just sighs in relief!)

  43. BARREL RACING is my favorite sport to participate in, as well as watch! Having or watching a barrel horse hunt for those barrels is exilerating!

  44. Dawn Freeth says

    Favorite thing to do: Trail riding
    Favorite sport to watch: Actually anything, as I enjoy everything horses do!

  45. Ruth Jewell says

    favorite to participate in is leading a horse down to the races..ready and anxious to run.favorite to watch is a newborn standing for the first time and taking in its new world..the miracle of life..amazes me every time!

  46. 1) your favorite horse activity to participate?
    Either mountain trail riding or working cow horse.

    2) your favorite horse activity to watch?
    Working cow horse and rodeos.

  47. Andrea Williams says

    To participate in CUTTING!!!
    Favorite to watch is DRESSAGE!

  48. Greta Janzen says

    My favorite activity is barrel racing. After hauling both my girls to rodeos and barrel races for a lot of years I couldn’t wait to have my turn at it. Now my daughter hauls both of us to barrel races. It was a great way to stay connected with them as they were growing up. Favorite to watch has got to be trick riders and rodeo athletes.

  49. Favorite thing to do: Many things, but simply to be in the presence of a horse is the most important!
    Favorite to watch: The herd, and herd life!

  50. Gloria Dodd says

    Favorite is cutting and to watch is a toss up between Working cowhorse & Cutting.