Your Favorite Horse Activity Contest

Here’s a comprehensive and in-depth brain-quiz to test your memory and thinking skills, and assist each of you in determining your correct career-path. Just kidding. It’s actually just a fun, quick, brainless-quiz. Perfect for a Friday. Jot down your answer in the Comments section below in 60 seconds or less. Really, I’m timing you. Move on to the next activity. Have a great weekend.

Oh, and automatically be entered to win one of two great Rambo Quarter Horse Nylon sheets. In the picture above, they are blue, but the ones I’m giving away are green. I know this because they are in our office right now. I have touched them and felt the durable tough outer shell. I’ve tested the crisscross belly surcingles and can attest to their fastness. I ran the soft inside fabric through my fingers, and marveled at it’s silky smoothness. Then, Beth, our infamous office manager stopped me at the front door and took them away from me. She’s always interfering, that Beth.

The last contest I held, the Brand It Contest, garnered forth 96 responses. According to my iphone calculator that means every entry had a one in 32 chance of winning one of three pairs of Cruel Girl jeans. The chances of winning last Friday’s Lotto-649 draw was approximately one in 969,340. So, govern yourself accordingly and choose wisely on this Friday. Then get on with your weekend, already.

All you have to do is let us know – in the Comment section below – two things:

1) your favorite horse activity to participate?

2) your favorite horse activity to watch?

It’s fine if they are the same. We’ll randomly choose two winners and the lucky recipients will be the new owners of a sheet each.

Contest closes May 31.

Contest winners will be posted June 3. Look for them then!


  1. Tim Ranson says

    Trail Riding with my family – quiet dayz, birds, sunshine and frisky horses….

    and really enjoy watching cutting and reining events.

  2. tyler bennett says

    1. trail / western horsemanship
    2. western pleasure

  3. 1.trail riding
    2. rodeo

  4. 1. Natural Horsemanship
    2. Rodeo

  5. Cutting is my favorite, have not done a lot but god willing i’ll get to do much more, nothing more exhilarating than being on as cutting horse working a cow !!!!!!!better than sex i say

  6. oops for got my favorite to watch would be the Kentucky Derby !!!

  7. 1. driving, trail riding
    2. being a part of my horses’ lives!

  8. Iris Oleksuk says

    I love competetive trail riding to participate in.

    To watch, I think I like team penning the best…maybe horse racing.

  9. To do: finding a good rythymn and bend.

    To watch; show jumping, cross country, dressage, reining, cutting horses running free and strutting their stuff.

  10. Barrel racing all the way

  11. Lori Alder says

    1. Trailriding

    2. Show Jumping

  12. Danielle Johnston says

    1. Trail riding
    2. Reining

  13. My horse’s favourite past time is giving a massage to our young boxer dog Jasper. I have posted a video on youtube if anyone is interested to see

  14. 1) Western Pleasure
    2) Western Pleasure

  15. Kim Harmider says

    1. I love team penning.

    2. I love to watch team penning.

  16. Watching the babiies play

  17. 1) Reining, working cow horse
    2) Wch, cutting

  18. Barrels

  19. 1 Riding & just looking after my horse grooming etc

    2 Reining

  20. love to ride Reining-working cow & ranch trail. can never stop watching my new babies playing & developing their personalities!!

  21. Jennifer says

    Love to ride reining, team penning/sorting and trail too

    Love to watch the cattle events

  22. 1) your favorite horse activity to participate?
    Team penning/sorting and gymkhana i couldnt pick between the three as i love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2) your favorite horse activity to watch?
    team penning or sorting as it is awesome to watch the cows and horses try to out maneuver each other.

  23. I find great fulfillment in playing with my 5 horses with Natural Horsemanship .
    I love to watch Natural horsemanship demos with people putting the horse’s relationship first. I love to see the horse having as much fun as the human.
    Thank-you !

  24. Favorite to compete in – Trail Class.
    Favorite to watch – Freestyle Reining.

  25. Fay Hartt says

    1)Favorite Horse Activity- anytime on the back of my horse
    2)Favorite Horse Activity to Watch- any horse in a pasture

  26. My favourite equine activity to participate in is training – for my horse and myself, through every interaction!

    My favourite equine activity to watch is freestyle reining. Thank gosh for YouTube, as we don’t have any reiners in my area!

  27. 1. mane event expo!!!!
    2. reining:)

  28. Iris Oleksuk says

    I love competing in competetive trail does my horse..that’s why it’s so much fun

  29. Team Penning/Ranch work & taking photos of it all
    watching foals play

  30. I like to compete in our local barrel racing club and I like to watch cutting horse competitions.

  31. 1. Cutting
    2. Cutting and Working Cow Horse

  32. 1) reining, all around
    2) reining, racing

  33. 1) trail riding, reining
    2) rodeo, racing