Kylie Whiteside

Barrel Racing Jackpot

Irvines Barrel Racing

Photo by Deanna Buschert

This summer Irvine Tack and Trailers in Crossfield, AB., is hosting two jackpot barrel racing series and two special Barrel Horse 4 Sale, 3D Jackpots.

On Wednesdays the Triple AAA Barrel Racing Series gets underway starting with time only runs at 5-6pm, with pee wee runs and open following at 6:30pm. The 4D Weekend Barrel Racing Series commence at 9am with time only runs- pee wees start at 11am, with open runs to follow.

4D Weekend Barrel Series 1D June 3rd winners Rhonda Henry on Easy. Photo by Deanna Buschert.

During the June 3rd 4D Series, the fastest time of the day went to Rhonda Henry on Easy (18.412). Aura Munroe on Tad were second in the 1D (18.690) and Sunnie Meyers on Sandy were third (18.929). Dana Oram on Jitter were the 2D winners (19.132); Holly Meyers on Beau were second (19.173); third was Karen Gibson on Cindy Lou (19.214). Carolynn Heffernan on Praire won the 3D (19.962); Diane Scodopole on Chip were second (19.979); Madilene Kimmerly on Icon was third (19.979). The 4D winner was Jan Ferris on Badger (20.595); second was Leigh Ashley on Nita (20.628); third was Jan Ferris on Lucky (20.768).

For those who have a barrel horse for sale, or are looking to purchase one, there will be two special events called the Barrel Horse 4 Sale Jackpots. These will run July 2nd and Aug. 26 and will run following the regular jackpot series. They will be set up in a 3D format and all horses entered must be for sale.

For more information on the Barrel Horse 4 Sale Jackpot (facebook) and the 4D Weekend Barrel Racing Series (facebook), contact Stacy Williamson at 403-932-3283. If you would like more information on the Triple AAA Barrel Racing Series (facebook), contact Kelley Drake at [email protected]


  1. kaelyn Fraser says

    I am wondering if you have any youth or open races between the 26th and the 30th of July?

  2. kaelyn Fraser says

    Or If anyone knows of anyone knows of any jackpots in that time frame around reddeer?