First Run Jitters

Laura James



Just a few days ago, we spoke with CFR contender Laura James about her upcoming first performance at the Canadian Finals Rodeo. We caught up with her last night after the performance to review her run. As it turned out, a few nerves, the ability to focus, and a horse who behaves like a “champ,” are the ingredients that carried Laura James through her first Canadian Finals Performance.  Just off the mark of earning her first CFR cheque, James 7th place finish landed her in the middle of the pack – a good start to a competition featuring some of the top names in professional barrel racing.  Here\’s what she had to say:

“I had a few first-run-at-the-CFR jitters, but stayed quite calm and pretty focused for the main part.  Stretch went in there like a true champ, like he always does, and worked good. I needed to be a little more focused and with him, to help us be a bit sharper.  We ended up 7th which is crying hole, but it was so much fun!  Can\’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow night! I am just so happy to be here and to be competing against such great girls.”

Way to go, girl, we\’re looking forward to seeing you again this evening! Catch more CFR action from last night, including an interview with last night\’s barrel racing winner, Lindsay Sears, at the Breed & Sports News blog. 


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