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If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit year-end show in Oklahoma City, OK, or the Scottsdale Arabian Show in Scottsdale, AX, or the American Paint Horse Association Worlds in Fort Worth, TX, or a plethora of other large events, you have probably caught a glimpse of the Equine Sports Medicine (ESM) mobile veterinary clinic at some point in your travels. I am always fascinated by the technology this clinic has while on the road and have had to utilize their services numerous times, so the last time I saw it (at the National Reining Horse Breeder Classic, Katy, TX), I took a moment to learn more.

In the Equine Sports Medicine trucks, you will often find veterinarians Dr. Alan Donnell, Dr. David Frisbie, Dr. Kurt Heite, Dr. Shayne Wilcox, Dr. Emily Sander and Dr. Josh Donnell. And armed with their innovative veterinary-clinics-on-wheels, they are able to offer convenient, leading-edge veterinary technology. Patrons at shows are literally able to walk up to an ESM truck (appointments are obviously appreciated), and reap the benefits of digital radiography, shockwave therapy, digital ultrasound, endoscopy, acupuncture, gastroscopy, IRAP therapy, and P-3 therapy. They are also able to offer lameness evaluations, pre-purchase examinations, diagnostic services and various other treatments. This means show-goers can buy horses with pre-purchases when they are away from home, get necessary treatments that put their animals back into top show form or have access to emergency veterinary care.

They vets at ESM travel to shows in custom-made trailers that are basically NASCAR trailers, converted into veterinary hospitals. They've been refitted with medical equipment and allow their vets to provide comprehensive horse care in a comfortable clean environment. With a trailer, the vets can see as many as 70 horses per day.

I’ve had to use the services at ESM for several reasons. These included one of my mares who developed hives from new, show shavings (Dr. Donnell get us back in shape just prior to our class, otherwise we may have missed it); a couple of pre-purchase / insurance exams; Health and Coggins paperwork for horses of ours that were traveling north to Canada; and for a lameness exam. Each time, my experience at ESM has been wonderful.

For more information about this cool clinic, check out: www.equine-sportsmedicine.com

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