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I\’d be regrettably remiss if I did not immediately remind you to enter the Western Horse Review Fashion Shoot Steal, Scene 2, as we are giving away this gorgeous pair of Ferrini boots, compliments of our friends at Irvine\’s Tack & Trailers. I can attest to the fact of their gold-embossed brilliance, as they are currently residing right here in my office. I confess I\’ve tried them on a time or two, and they are brilliant.

At the magazine we\’re in production with our July/August issue, and while I\’d love to share some of the details of the stories we\’re finalizing, they\’ll have to remain a mystery until publication date. Just know, we\’re thrilled with some of the stories we\’ve been able to piece together for the issue, please don\’t miss it, it will be one of our best of the year.

I\’ve been meaning to do a Likes of the Week post for some time, as I\’ve been gathering links I thought you might find useful, enlightening or entertaining.

• If you\’ve been keeping up on the possibilities of equine processing restarting in the United States. Valley Meat Co., a processing plant in New Mexico has applied to slaughter horses for human consumption. Here are a couple of links on the latest there:

Horses to be killed for meat in U.S. for the first time in five years due to Mexican demand for unusual food

Horse slaughterhouse in N.M. should be fined, Colorado advocates say

• I happened across an informative article on inbreeding on the True Nicks website, where Thoroughbred breeding is discussed.

• You might be aware of the TED TALKS series of video inspirations by the great thinkers of the world. I loved this one by Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler, of Handspring Puppet Company, who are known for their ability to bring the emotional complexity of animals to the stage. Their talk begins with a hyena, but is primarily about the evolution of their triumphant War Horse life-size horse puppet. These two are absolute geniuses. Watch Handspring Puppet Co. on TED, if you have a spare 20 minutes.


• I never apologize for my addiction to food blogger sites. My latest fun read is Meat Me, by Sean Rice, who runs with the very un-politically correct byline of, \”I don\’t really like to eat anything else but meat, with meat, over meat, with a side of meat and if thats not enough a sprinkle of meat on top. Love it. He recently completed a blog series on four women working in the meat industry, from rancher to butcher. The result: Moo to Mouth MEAT: A True Love Story  is a great series, accompanied by a lovely set of creative posters.

• Finally, here\’s an odd little clip from The Ride: a television documentary series on the world\’s longest, toughest horse race, The Mongol Derby. I haven\’t actually watched this, if you have and would like to share a review with us, please do. Enjoy and thanks for tuning in!

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