March 2013 Edition

Western Horse Review March 2013

On the cover:
A mare and foal share some precious quiet as they
bask in the warm afternoon sunlight. Photo by
Suzan Slater.

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Can Your Mare Conceive?
Breeding soundness evaluations can help determine the probability of a mare to conceive and carry a foal to term.

Artisans of Our West
A gathering of some of the most prominent western artisans in our industry.

Take a Look At Us Now
Over time we change and so do our surroundings. A look at the evolution that we have seen our industry absorb and grow from.

Going Green
A look at some of the most ecologically conscious products to hit the market

Out West

Corb Lund, just how we like him – candid, confident and controversial and Dave Stamey shows his stuff at the legendary East Longview Hall.

The Road to the Horse, the famed world championship of colt starting.

Food of the West
Ham hocks, lentils and greens combine to make comfort food magic.

Cheryl Smythe discusses the importance of lighting on every photograph you take.

Real Lives of Trainer’s Wives
A horse-crazy woman with ties to the cow horse and barrel arenas is thankful for the lifestyle her and her family lead.

Gear & Style

Product Showdown
Head into foaling season prepared and alert with the top of the line foaling systems.

Bit of the Month
Barrel racer Rylee McKenzie speaks about her ideal competition bit.

Know your odds when you attempt to breed your mare this season.

How To Be educated when it comes to understanding what your feed labels really tell you.

Med of the Month
M anage your mare’s breeding cycle with hormone therapy.

In Season
The key considerations for when and how to best deworm your horse.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know…
Barrel racing; be prepared when you set out in the direction of the ladies rodeo arena, it’s highly addictive with history as tough as the ladies who compete.

Futurity Road
Dale Clearwater introduces his line of hopefuls for the 2013 futurity season.

Rising Star

A cowgirl who grew up in the great grasses of the eastern slopes is expanding her direction in the competitive world.

A young girl is making heads turn with major wins in just the early years of her career.

Confidence Booster
Dustin Gonnet explains the importance of confidence when bringing along young horses.

Horse Sales
The Griffin family is moving on to a new chapter. Learn why this legendary reining clan has decided to pass on their legacy to others.

20 Years
Some candid advice from a collection of Canada’s most prominent horse people over the past 20 years.