Oreo, the Roping Steer


On a beautiful, sunny, recent day, I decided to take a walk down to the barn to see what was happening.

Turns out, I was just in time to catch a glimpse of the young \’uns (namely, Nancy and Cory), practicing their roping skills.

The pair were preparing to compete in the Working Cowboy Competition which was being held at Lakeland College this past April 13.

So they pulled \”Oreo,\” our roping steer into the arena to test out a few loops.

Here\’s Nancy. Getting organized, while Oreo patiently waits in the background.

\"\"Here\’s Cory putting his mount through the paces, before actually throwing a loop.


Things were looking pretty good for a while.


Until Nancy caught herself…

…again, Oreo patiently waited in the background.

\"\"So, she tried a different approach.

\”Come \’ere lil Oreo… Here cow… \”


\”Here littttttttle cow…\”


And when that tactic didn\’t work, Nancy decided to regroup.

\"\"Finally, Cory and Nancy elected to work together. In pursuit of Oreo.

\"\"And Nancy threw a beautiful loop that landed cleanly around Oreo\’s neck.

At which point, Oreo ran neatly down the center of the arena. And stopped. Square in the middle.

He was now patiently waiting for Nancy to remove the rope.

\"\"Good little cow!! Because that\’s how we roll here at the ranch!

Next up, I\’ll explain how we train our horses to do this…


Just kidding!


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