Ringing in a New Year


Christmas has come and gone and a new year has begun! I hope y\’all had a wonderful break, filled with happy memories and times of friends or family. We most certainly did.

Though our New Year celebration was relatively quiet, I feel like I\’ve already hit the ground running  in 2015. I\’m not one for big resolutions, but I\’m definitely a fan of having goals and having things to work towards. I\’ll keep you posted if my plans work out!


We had a new critter recently join our crew.

Meet \”Pickles.\” (Above).

Pickles actually belongs to our God daughter, however, my children have the luxury of access to her at any time (as she\’s in our backyard). She\’s pretty fabulous with kids but she\’s quick to assert her \”alpha horse\” status amongst her fellow equines. I\’m certain this trait will make for some funny stories in the future.


Clay and I also had a chance to visit a favorite Calgary venue after Christmas, along with several of our friends. Aussie Rules is a duelling piano bar that is guaranteed to get everyone out of their chair, dancing amongst strangers and singing at the top of one\’s lungs. Song requests are taken from the crowd (from the 60s to the present) and the musicians sing and play it live to a pumped up audience. The motto at Aussie Rules is –  Come early, sing loud, stay late.

Yep, that\’s pretty much what we did.

\"Zoo-lights\"The Christmas break also offered an opportunity to take in the Calgary Zoo Lights. Flashing mugs of hot chocolate in hand, we ventured out on a beautiful winter night – along with hundreds of other like-minded folk!

Goodness..! Bring on a warm winter eve and Canadians will come out in droves!

All in all however, it was a fabulous family experience and one that will continue to be a Webster tradition for many Christmases to come.

As to be expected, Christmas break was also filled with a bit of work for us too. There were horses to feed. Food to prepare. Nomination forms to send in before the December 31 deadline… (And yep! In case you\’re wondering – I got it all done!!)

I also have an exciting interview with renowned horse professional, Martin Black coming up in the next issue of Western Horse Review, scheduled to hit the stands soon. Plus, we have the upcoming Horse Breeders & Owners Conference in Red Deer (January 9-11) on our minds. I\’m sure we\’ll see many of you there!

Until the next blog, take care and happy New Year!

– J


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