Road Trip CDs #3

Because it\’s Friday.

Because my lawn mower is in the repair shop. Not that it matters.

Because I am resplendently rich in lilacs and rain showers on this day.

Because we might just head out on our own road trip this weekend to little daughter\’s first horse show of the year. With her still slightly chubby pony, Princess.

And, because there have been such great suggestions for Road Trip CDs already made in the comment section below, I\’m going to share my next five top Road Trip CDs right here, right now.

Before you do anything check out week one and two of the Road Trip CDs saga.



Crazy Heart Soundtrack

T Bone Burnett and the late Stephen Bruton penned the songs for character Bad Blake, an aging, alcoholic, yet achingly beautiful country singer, played by Jeff Bridges in the movie. It\’s these originals I love most on the soundtrack: Hold On You, Somebody Else, Fallin\’ And Flyin\’ with the catchy line, \”Funny how fallin\’ feels like flyin\’ but only for a little while.\” And then there is the Oscar-winning The Weary Kind, by Ryan Bingham, which captures, for me, the loves of a dear friend or two in all of their haunting beauty. Combined with country classics like Waylon Jenning\’s, Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way, this collection has laid hold of the number one spot in my truck player for two months running.

P.S. Don\’t miss the movie, it\’s raw and true, and the music is a huge part of it.




Greg Brown  – The Evening Call

I can hardly believe this is Greg Brown\’s 23rd release and my first. Brown\’s vocals are not comparative to any other, and his lyrics are intelligent and poetic. It\’s eclectic, completely authentic and so unusually, yet beckoningly different. My son loves Eugene (as in Oregon), wherein Brown talk-sings his way through a six-some minute long travelogue of camping and fishing spots across America and wise observations along the way, including \”everybody\’s got a story, everybody\’s got a family, and a lot of them have RVeees.\” This is a great one for the wee hours of the morning, after a long drive, when you can\’t yet quite settle down to the idea of sleep.

By the way, Brand New Angel, in the movie Crazy Heart, is a Greg Brown tune.

Beginning to see the karma of my week?



Sam Baker – Pretty World

I heard a cut from this on CKUA\’s fabulous Saturday morning program, Wide Cut Country, hosted by Allison Brock. Because I don\’t know a lot about Sam, I looked up his website to see if he plays in Canada. On his home page, a note: Please confirm shows before travelling. This stuff changes in a most unpredictable manner – thanks, Sam.

Kinda like life.



Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – Naturally

What is this? Funk? Soul? Blues? Motown? . . . oh whatever . . . every piece on this recording is a wee little retro gem.



Steve Earle – Washington Square Serenade

Okay, so I was told that no road tunes collection would be complete without a little bit of the great Steve Earle. So, I thought, which one? I settled on this. An older mellowed Steve Earle lives on Washington Square. Though much of this CD is comprised of tunes of a more political nature, Sparkle and Shine and Come Home to Me are my faves.

And that, in a three-week nutshell are some of my favorite road tunes. I only have five more. Well, that\’s not quite accurate.

I have 57 more.

But for this series, I only have five more and I\’ll be posting them next Friday. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, I hope you find something within that hits your groove, and when you do, turn it up.

Now it’s your turn. What do you listen to down the road? Comment below with your fave Road CDs, and, as long as you try not to mention Toby Keith in the same sentence, we\’ll enter you to win one of three Ian Tyson, Yellowhead to Yellowstone and Other Love Stories CD’s we have to give away.

Contest closes June 30.

I leave you with this video of Ryan Bingham singing the Oscar-winning The Weary Kind.

Have a great weekend, friends.


11 thoughts on “Road Trip CDs #3”

  1. Ian Tyson’s Live @ Longview has to be one of the best CD’s ever recorded. No matter what song is playing, its good. One of the best live albums ever recorded, and one of the best to listen to on nights you need a drink or four. My fav. song is “Desert Motel” and if you listen right at the end, the long “wooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooo” is me… I was there in Longview.

  2. How about Fred Eaglesmith’s “Balin’”? Honest lyrics, humourous glimpses into real rural roots (we call those folks ‘bushees’ here in North Western Ontario). A couple other artists I can listen to for hours include Corb Lund, and David Francey.
    I agree with U2 and Jimmy Buffet as road trip tunes – lively enough to keep the driver engaged and awake! Yet, some thought-provoking lyrics too.

  3. I love Reba and her 50 greatest hits album has so many awesome songs on it and it is funny how many of the songs you actually know the words to and you have to just sing along (my kids don’t appreciate my singing though!)

  4. You must get Roseanne Cash’s “The List”. When she was starting out in the music business her father Johnny Cash made a list of the 100 songs he felt were the most influential songs. Roseanne has picked some of these songs for this truly unforgettable album.

  5. Hurt, The Man Comes Around and The Book of Revelations are overflowing with Johnny Cash’s emotions. One can’t help but sit and really, really listen to this CD. It’s so special.

  6. Hi, just had a quick read here and saw a few names I recognize in the posts. Great idea. .I have (or am going to get) a bunch of these tunes for road trips!
    One of my favorites is a raunchy voiced guy by the name of Diamond Joe White. Only have one of his CD’s called “Honestly”.. it is one I can listen to (and sing to when all alone!) with.. a couple of songs I don’t care for but one of my favorites it the buffalo skinner song and also there is one about (sheesh – his name escapes me) the black bronc rider that lived in southern alberta.

    also love Corb Lund.. he writes about stuff we all know about .. bin there .. done that!

  7. Can’t leave home without Dr. Hook’s Greatest Hits and just about any of the Blue Rodeo collection.

  8. “Some VERY cool road tunes there Ingrid. Nice to see U2 in there as well.
    My husband Martyn & I always start ours off w/Curtis Mayfield “Move On Up” – often on repeat. Usually good for the first 50k or so.
    Glad you like WCC, & FYI – Martyn is booking a few extra dates for Sam again in the fall + some for Slaid Cleaves in October too.”

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