Tag: Equine Health

  • Agalactia

    Solutions for mares without milk, including a recipe to make your own milk replacer.

  • Linear Keratosis

    Equine Linear Keratosis occurs as vertical linear areas of alopecia (or near alopecia), scaling and crust formation on the sides of the horse’s neck, or shoulder or chest.

  • Petunia – Milk in Short Supply

    Colostrum, check. But the mare’s milk supply is a totally different story.

  • Petunia, A Stressful Delivery

    At 11:54 pm, D and I both began to get very worried. The delivery hadn’t yet progressed beyond 2 tiny hooves and we were fast approaching the 30-minute mark…

  • Petunia – Against All Odds

    Meet Petunia. At birth, this little darling was a healthy, sorrel filly but her story doesn’t begin there.

  • Baby Batter

    My day began with two brontosauruses fighting…

  • Genesis: Starting with a plan

    Broke horses have a modern purpose in today’s society and can give their owners justification in the costs of feeding and caring for them.

  • No health records? Ship before July 31st

    It isn’t an April Fool’s joke. As of July 31st, slaughter facilities in Canada will be allowed to process only those equines with complete health records dating back six months.

  • Q & A – Milking Mares

    Published in the March 2008, edition of the Western Horse Review. Dr. David Ramey, DVM, is a graduate of Colorado State University. After completing an internship in equine medicine and surgery at Iowa State University, he entered a private equine practice in southern California in 1984. Dr. Ramey is a noted author and lecturer. Here […]